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SkillGigs is a US-based talent marketplace that uses expert-matching technology to pair top professionals with personalized job openings daily. They leverage AI technology to help aspirants identify the right job openings. Once your professional profile is complete, they match relevant job listings based on your skills.
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Branding Meets Paid Performance: 1300% Jump In Quality Leads (MoM)

SkillGigs was looking to unlock the true potential of paid performance marketing via creative lead generation campaigns. They wanted to gain maximum sign-ups for nurses and IT professionals on their web app portal. The firm turned to Bright Brain owing to our data-driven approach and proven expertise in creating comprehensive marketing strategies.


  1. Weaving a 360° lead-driven marketing strategy – we start by building a strong performance presence by running Google campaigns. Here, we leverage high-intent search ads, performance max, retargeting ads, and customer database.
  2. Curating an extensive keyword strategy to gain quality leads. Here, we identify trending titles in the Healthcare sector. Then, we narrow down the audience groups to target a niche audience. This minimalistic targeting approach and layering custom intent enable us to strike the right balance when delivering ads to specific sets of users, resulting in quality leads.
  3. Building sets of creative ads backed by thorough market research to identify what works best for the US market. We also alter the lingo of the ads according to the insights gained.

The Result.

4000+ quality leads in 6 months

30% YoY improvement in brand search volume

86.99% increase in website traffic

1300% increase in the overall quality leads MoM in 6 months

Reduction in the overall CPL By $47.41 across Segments

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