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Why is Social Media Marketing essential?

Why should your business care about this kid fad called Social Media? And why should your business invest in marketing in it?

An average person spends two hours and 24 minutes per day on social media platforms. In an era where connections are made via social media platforms as easily as in-person, businesses need to be able to join the conversations to truly leverage the power of social media.

This is why you need a good social media marketing agency if you want to reach more people & increase your sales in India.

How Does Social Media Marketing Help Your Company Generate More Revenue?

Well it opens doors that result in more leads and conversions!

Effective social media marketing services deliver enriching content, virtual brand experience and customer reactions, to build a positive brand image. More engagement and conversations result in more leads and conversions.

How Does Bright Brain Generate More Leads With Our Social Media Marketing Services?

Did you know that 87% of purchase decisions begin with online research. Bright Brain’s social media marketing techniques helps your business:

– Target the right audience

– Capture their imagination with visual elements

– Deliver your brand message when the consumers are most receptive.

– Creates increased customer interaction

– Enhances brand recognition and recall

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What is social media marketing?

The use of social media and social networks to sell a company’s products and services is referred to as social media marketing (SMM).

What is social media advertising? Social Media Marketing gives different brands a means to create awareness about their services, generate curiosity about their products, communicate with relevant audiences and convey the very purpose of their existence.
Companies can use social media marketing to communicate with existing consumers and reach out to new ones while also promoting their intended culture, mission, or tone. The importance of social media is that marketers can track the performance of their efforts with social media marketing’s purpose-built data analytics tools.

It’s important to know your customers and market. Not all social media channels require your attention. Take 1 or 2 channels that are sure to work for your brand and invest your time, money and resources there. Figure out who your audience is and which social media apps shelters them. When it comes to choosing the best social media platforms for marketing, there are a few things to think about. The following will assist you in focusing on what is most important.

To begin, you’ll need to:

• Define your objectives: It is critical to choose measurable and trackable goals.

• Recognize your target audience: You need to know who these people are and what they want if you want to reach them.

• Determine your target audience’s location: Certain demographics prefer certain social media platforms. You’ll need to find out what platforms your target audience is already using.

• Consider the type of content you’ll be producing: If you have an image-heavy website, for example, visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can be excellent choices. LinkedIn may be a better option if you write professional or even technical blog posts or articles.

All of these factors will help you find the best social media application for marketing your business. Once you know what you’re looking for it’s easier to evaluate and pick from the many options.

You can direct your ads and posts towards specific genders, regions, age groups and interests. It allows you to filter out unwanted traffic, this is referred to as social media targeting.

Here are 3 key practices that can help you narrow down on your target audience for social media platforms and ensure that they are there to stay.

Conduct Short Surveys –This step is vital in determining your buyer’s persona. A more structured yet short survey can give complete information, by asking people the right questions.

Specific Content – Keeping your findings in mind, curate the best content for them; that taps into their interests and habits. Create a well balanced content plan that covers all the topics relevant to your business.

Customer Engagement – Attend negative comments, deal with feedback positively and take your customers’ word seriously. Curate engaging content that also addresses your customers’ concerns

A Content Calendar is a written schedule of when and where you plan to publish upcoming content based on the strategy you have finalized on for each social media platform.

How to make a social media calendar?

Content calendars are divided according to the platforms, and have multiple content buckets within them, which are further divided into numerous content pegs to plan social media content. From these content pegs, content and designs are curated for individual platforms, according to the number of posts defined within the Scope of Work and monthly activities. Well-thought out content calendars also specify the exact day and time the content is going to be uploaded, which promotes transparency with the client.

Effective social media marketing services deliver enriching content, virtual brand experience and customer reactions, to build a positive brand image. more engagement and conversations result in more leads and conversions.

BrightBrain Marketing provides Social Media Marketing services in India, helping your business find a favorable position in the minds of your customers through various social media marketing tools. As a leading Social Media Marketing agency in India, we offer tailored digital marketing services that suit your multiple needs. We understand how essential it is to create and maintain a strong social media presence in today’s world. We strategize using content calendars and an in detailed research of your brand for highest ROI results and brand visibility.

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