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Anzy Global is a leading placement & HR Consultancy for IT and IT-related industries. The brand is powered by deep expertise and an in-depth understanding of technology. They specialize across the technology spectrum, with proven prowess across sectors like e-commerce, social media, advertising, mobile technologies, network security, and such.
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Rebranding Done Right: An Upgrade For The Company After Its Decade-long Run & Performance To Match

After a decade-long run, achieving milestones and accelerating growth for MNCs and start-ups, Anzy Careers wished to communicate differently with its audience. The brand was looking to establish dominance in the industry and boost visibility digitally.

Given that the brand excelled for 10+ years in the industry, it was well-known offline. However, they had not yet tapped into digital potential for brand awareness and lead generation. They wanted to adapt to the changing times and maintain their dominance in today’s digital-first era. As such, we had to first create a digital presence for the brand from scratch, which then became a firm foundation for lead generation campaign strategies.

Another one of the key challenges was generating quality leads in the recruitment space given that there were more job seekers as compared to job creators. A healthy ratio was the need of the hour. On the SEO front, organic website growth had to be accelerated.

They partnered with Bright Brain to successfully relaunch themselves as Anzy Global, in a way that addressed these multiple challenges. Our objective has been to highlight the brand’s progressive approach, unique processes, and unrivaled talent. The long-term goal is to establish a strong digital identity for the brand.


  • Given that the organization had not yet leveraged marketing campaigns for brand awareness, we had to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy from scratch. This included foundational aspects like communication positioning, content curation (articles/blogs), social media engagement, SEO, and lead generation campaigns. Let’s take a closer look at the strategies advised by our teams:1. Creating pre-launch campaigns to create awareness around the brand’s transition from Anzy Careers to Anzy Global. Our team worked on two unique concepts – ‘Futuring Together’ and ‘Synchronizing Visions’ to boost brand visibility and re-establish it on social media platforms.
    Anzy Global - Futuring Together

    Discover Anzy Global: Shaping Futures Together

    Concept 1 – Futuring Together
    In this campaign, the creative revolved around the brand’s milestones in the past decade. Here’s the visual route of the campaign
    Anzy Global - Synchronizing Visions

    Anzy Global: Aligning Futures in Harmony

    Concept 2 – Synchronizing Visions
    In this campaign, we focused on highlighting the benefits of new-age hiring through powerful creatives. Here’s the visual route of the campaign


  • 2. Setting up diverse parameters on the landing page to efficiently filter out the recruiters from job seekers. The communication was fine-tuned to exclusively attract job creators.
  • 3. Conducting in-depth campaign analysis every 10 days. This involves closely monitoring and optimizing platform-wise targeting, and ad spends. In addition, revising ad copies and landing page content according to the insights.
  • 4. Creating multiple location-specific landing pages to attract high-quality potential leads from different metropolitan locations. After much research, user journeys were tailored according to the audiences’ search intent.
  • 5. Keeping up with the times where video comes first, we created interactive video content on the brand’s social media handles.
  • 6. Leveraging multiple platforms (Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter) to run campaigns by specifically targeting recruitment and hiring-based keywords. 5 months of awareness campaigns generated a lot of impressions via the website.

The Result.

3x increase in quality leads in a month (6% to 17%)

100% rise in quality responses within 2 months

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