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ROAS of 2,166% for ISME!

ISME is a school within a revolutionary academic ecosystem with a focus on creative thinking and design-led innovation.They invest in students to help them do more and challenge their entrepreneurial minds. With their state-of-the-art facilities, proximity to industry and strong international alliances, they provide students the best chance to succeed.


  • Optimized the daily budget as per the campaign performance.
  • Conducted daily bidding and adjusted keywords as per the suggested bid.
  • Added irrelevant keywords to the negative list.
  • Added new keywords from the search term report to the Google campaigns.
  • Bid on brand keywords and adding them to the campaigns in the SQR.
  • Consistently changed search ad copies to enhance ad relevance, improving the quality score.

The Result.

Achieved campaign ROAS of 2,166%.

CTR spike and lower CPL.

Improved landing page user experience.

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