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Omved Therapies draws upon the healing traditions of India and are guided by their timeless wisdom. Each therapy nourishes the body, nurtures the mind, and frees the spirit. The brand is built on the back of a simple idea - Pure Natural Living. Their expert botanists, herbalists, chemists, aromatherapists, and holistic health practitioners bring you the gift of wellness.
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Omved Therapies was looking to establish a strong online presence – built right from scratch. The main objective was to stand out in a competitive market and become a well-known brand among target audiences. In addition, they were looking to generate more revenue from their online store along with a consistent increase in the ROAS. The solution presented by Bright Brain, based on the client brief, assured them that our strategies had the potential to fuel their growth plan and enable them to make an impact, digitally.


  • Tailoring brand-awareness campaigns to the brand’s target segment of young parents and 35+ adults.
  • Creative direction on imagery to aesthetically enhance their online store in a way that the images and videos spell premium.
  • Targeting the best-performing locations to derive invaluable insights and optimize campaigns accordingly.
  • Leveraging lookalike audiences for remarketing activities to steadily improve ROAS.
  • Focusing on high-income audiences who prefer quality over price to improve sales.
  • Dedicating a major portion of the budget to the primary goal – brand recognition, as it is one of the most important aspects of a full-funnel sales strategy.

The Result.

2.55x increase in orders per month

2x reduction in CPA

2x growth in ROAS

2.72x increase in revenue

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