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Society Tea is a dominant force with around 40% market share of Packaged Tea in Maharashtra and a considerable presence in other states such as Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Chennai, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Delhi. To ensure consistent quality, three members of the family have dedicated their lives as full-time tea tasters.
BrightBrain Tech

Brewing unique digital solutions for Maharashtra’s market leader in the Tea category!

The brand wanted to extend its well-known presence beyond the boundaries of Maharashtra. They were looking to establish a lasting brand presence online as well. They partnered with Bright Brain to create a significant space for themselves in the competitive online market. While this was the key objective, they also wanted to boost revenue growth and ensure a steady increase in the ROAS (MoM).


  • Taking a full-funnel marketing approach to build a comprehensive marketing plan. This involves a blend of strategies across multiple marketing pillars – performance marketing, ORM, and SEO. Our teams stay at their creative best to ensure that the diverse campaigns are designed to work in sync, all to achieve a collective goal.
  • Leveraging qualified databases and lookalike audiences. We also create vernacular creatives to attract potential customers from different regions. Then, we conduct A/B testing to analyze what is working and optimize ads campaigns accordingly. Understanding user behavior enables us to gain quality leads.
  • Consistently addressing and responding to comments/messages on the brand’s social media handles to increase user engagement.
  • Segmenting the catalog based on product performance. We create ads showcasing bundles of the top 3 popular products to potential audiences. We also focus on promoting top-demanding products as they quickly became favorites among consumers.
  • Bifurcating Performance Max campaigns according to product types.
  • Conducting competitor keyword analysis regularly. Based on the insights gained, we add new competitor keywords across specific campaigns.
  • Daily bidding and adjusting the keywords as per the suggested bid and using our analytical expertise based on the keyword performance to achieve higher ROAS. We use the Auto Bid strategy to maximize conversion value.
  • Exclusively targeting top-tier cities as the locations tend to feature rising demands and better conversion rates.
  • Re-targeting high-value shoppers and creating lookalikes of the same. Additionally, we create lookalikes of top product buyers.
  • Re-targeting social media interactors and audiences who engaged with our video content. We target YouTube channels and in-market, custom audiences on YouTube.

The Result.

2.4x revenue growth (from 7.5 to roughly 18 lakhs)

2x Daily average revenue boost

4.69% conversion rate achieved (Diwali Sale Campaign)

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