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Rama Group is a reputable real estate developer based in Pune, known for their excellence in creating commercial properties. Their flagship project, Barcode, offers a range of shops and offices for individuals interested in buying or investing in commercial real estate.
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Driving 2000+ Leads through Testimonial-Based Marketing: Rama Barcode

Rama Group approached us with the objective of generating high-quality leads to sell the remaining inventory in their Barcode project. They sought a marketing strategy that could effectively showcase positive customer experiences and build trust among potential buyers.


  • Testimonial Strategy: We conducted interviews with eight satisfied customers who had purchased commercial properties at Barcode. These testimonials showcased the benefits and success stories associated with investing in Rama Barcode.
  • Diversified Content: We created engaging static and video ads using the captured testimonials, ensuring the content resonated with the target audience.
  • Buzz Generation: The testimonials were also featured on hoardings strategically placed across Pune, creating excitement and anticipation around the Barcode project.
  • Targeted Campaigns: We utilized a combination of social media platforms and online advertising to reach the desired audience interested in commercial real estate investments.

The Result.

2000+ High-Quality Leads Generated

20+ Successful Bookings for Barcode

30% more spends than the previous month

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