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About Company

Mentoria is a career guidance and mentorship platform that enables students and working professionals to discover themselves and the careers they will excel at. They have a team of psychologists, psychometricians, content researchers, counselling experts, and subject matter experts who ensure that all users have an exciting journey of career discovery. The vision is to foster generations of more productive and successful individuals.
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Unlocking Milestones In Under 4 Months: 300% Increase In Revenue

Mentoria was looking for an agency partner with the potential to help them to build a strong online presence, and ensure a steady growth in ROAS. They turned to Bright Brain owing to our data-driven approach and a reputation for delivering consistent results in the immediate as well as long term, leveraging content, Performance Marketing and SEO. The primary objective is driving customer acquisition through Performance Marketing and SEO to achieve the desired results, both in terms of revenue as well as month-on-month ROAS.


  • Targeting four different educational backgrounds (8th-9th students | 10th-12th students | college graduates | working professionals) to bring in intent-oriented leads.
  • Prioritizing the higher converting target groups to gain quality leads and eventually better revenue.
  • Banking on the efficacy of A/B testing for creatives and design to improve user engagement on social media platforms.
  • Leveraging key SEO strategies to optimize the content on their YouTube channel, along with 64- content pieces on their website.
  • Creating location-specific landing pages to attract more organic traffic from that particular area.
  • Building relevant backlinks to improve the DR score.
  • Weaving a full-funnel sales strategy covering Google Search campaigns and Facebook Lead Generation campaigns. Then, incorporating Performance Max, Lookalike and Customer Database, and Dynamic Search Ads as mid-funnel and bottom-funnel campaigns at a later stage.

The Result.

300% increase in revenue in 4 months

275% increase in the number of converters in 4 months

42.26% increase in organic traffic

16% growth in total leads in 6 months (5285 to 6116)

Improved Conversion Rate (8.3% to 9.7%)

Increased ROAS (0.33 to 0.45)

Mentoria website ranks on Google’s first page for 8% of target search terms (13 keywords)

BrightBrain Tech

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