12 Steps To Planning Your Marketing Strategy For A Successful Real Estate Campaign

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2020 has been a year of transformation for many of us. The slow and steady acclimatization of the entire world with the phase of ‘New Normal’ has rapidly advanced the adoption of digital marketing. People all around the globe are now utilizing the internet to materialize all sorts of dreams. And if 2020 has impelled them to explore everything online, even their dream home, then why shouldn’t every real estate marketing company seize this golden opportunity. From the perspective of a real estate digital marketing agency, here are our 12 aspects to consider to develop a marketing strategy that will help you give rise to a successful real estate campaign.

1. Curate a professional & SEO-friendly website:

Very often, our website is the first touchpoint for a potential client, making a user friendly and professional website an absolute must!A website that furnishes your details in an organized manner with a proper blend of aesthetics and functionality is the first step to making a good impression. Ensuring Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practices on the website will aid discoverability, bringing new customers to your digital doorstep and is the foundation of your real estate marketing strategy in India.

2. Develop brand awareness:

Every real estate company needs to highlight its uniqueness so that an imprint of the brand is created in the customers’ minds. That’s why our real estate marketing strategy should be perfectly aligned with our brand concept. Our overall objective should be to induce such a refined brand name that echoes forever in the real estate market through the right messaging, creatives and targeting

3. Build video walkthroughs:

Video walkthroughs help customers get realistic insights into the property in an engaging manner. All in all, it helps prospective buyers to experience the look and feel of the home from their own space. Once our customers understand what the space exactly looks like in person, it becomes easier for them to make a wise and informed decision.

4. Create a Content Marketing Plan:

Content marketing is an effective way to aid discoverability for your brand as well as increase engagement to drive consideration towards your brand. The content plan can include blogs, videos, collaborations with influencers and co-branded content. Your content plan needs to keep in mind two things – what your potential customers would find valuable and where you disseminate this content.

5. Utilize social media efficiently:

Today, social media is a surefire way to reach people and create an impression. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or even broadcast messages on Whatsapp, social media is doing wonders in digital marketing. So, we should make the best use of this opportunity to engage with our audience and build a community of followers on our social media channels.

6. Know your target audience:

It’s more than just essential for us to understand our audience and their needs. Once we know each and every requirement of our niche, it gets easy for us to serve them with exactly what they want. This also helps us to know some specific parameters like what’s the driving factor of the current market, what are the risks, what is the scope of long or short term investments, etc.

7. Focus on retargeting:

When a person plans to buy a real estate property, a lot of speculation takes place before the actual purchase. During this period, the customer visits different websites just to explore all the available options. While visiting numerous pages, he takes note of a few selected properties that might interest him. And at this very step, retargeting helps us by persuading him that our property is the best among the others while building brand recall.

8. Use Email Marketing campaigns:

Today, Email Marketing holds immense value when we wish to spread a strong word about our brand. Here, our first step is to create a list of potential home buyers and then communicate our message in the perfect way. Once the right people get attracted, all we have to do is reap the benefits through our Email Marketing Campaign.

9. Publish real estate newsletter regularly:

To win the trust of our potential home buyers, we need to portray knowledge and commitment so that they can lay their faith in us. Now to achieve this, we can publish weekly or monthly newsletters that inform the customers about current mortgage rates, modifications in real estate laws, advantages of homeownership, etc. This will give rise to the foundation of a firm trust base.

10. Install Google Analytics:

If we do not understand whether our efforts are moving in the right direction or not, how will we steer our way? That’s why to get a hold of our current work, we need to have Google Analytics installed on our system. As this tool tracks all sorts of related metrics and website visitors, it gives us a clear picture. Also, it gives us answers for various questions like how well our posts are doing, how many visitors do we have, what is our bounce rate, what is the average session rate, and so on.

11. Use Digital Marketing Mix:

An effective digital strategy is one that creates a strong impression in the minds of the viewers about the brand. To achieve this, we should employ a proper mix of various digital advertising platforms and its variations like Google Search Network, Google Display Network, Google Remarketing, Facebook Lead Generation, Facebook Remarketing, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Programmatic Advertising, OTTs, etc. This step would act as a holistic plan for us to send out our message to the viewers at different points of the brands’ digital journey.

12. Implement PPC Advertising:

The internet advertising model of pay-per-click helps in driving traffic to the website. Here, every click redirects the viewer to our website. This is the most sought-after way to gain visits when we are talking about advertising through paid marketing. Here, for every click, the advertiser pays a fixed amount of fee to the publisher.

With all that being said, the last thing we wish to mention here is that even after implementing all the above-mentioned steps, every real estate marketing company needs to keep a keen eye for the latest industry trends. This will help us in monitoring and optimizing our overall performance accordingly. Thus, apply this digital marketing strategy for real estate and let your work speak for you!