Nurturing Leads Digitally To Increase Conversions For Real Estate

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The COVID-19 crisis that arrived early this year shook most industries to the core. Real Estate being among the most affected ones struggled to keep its head out of the water during the initial phases of lockdown. The number of property registrations reduced drastically as a result of a dip in the overall economy. During these testing times, Digital Marketing swiftly came to the rescue.

Thanks to consistent digital efforts, property registrations steadily rose in number and the figures improved by the month of May. By leveraging the power of Digital Marketing, the industry managed to get back on its feet, and is well on the road to recovery.

Multiple prominent firms, after implementing digital strategies successfully, stand testimony to the fact that Digital Marketing can help generate leads and increase conversion for Real Estate even during a global pandemic. Time and again, this new-age tool has enabled us to breach boundaries and overcome the limitations of the world as we know it. Let’s learn a little more about how to generate leads for Real Estate in India.
Here are the key Digital Marketing strategies that can benefit your Real Estate ventures:

1. Facebook and Google Ads

Social media platforms are your primary answer on how to get Real Estate leads online. Running ads on Facebook and Google buys you higher chances of gaining more potential leads. With the help of Digital Marketing tools such as SEO and Social media, it becomes much easier to nurture Real Estate leads.

Facebook Ads:

One of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to drive traffic to your website or landing page is by promoting your listings on Facebook. This will help you generate a good number of high-quality buyer leads.

Google Ads:

If you have been wondering how to get more Real Estate clients, this is how – Google Ads function by targeting high-quality keywords that are frequently used by searchers in your local area. Google Ads are expensive as the bidding is done on actual search terms in your local area. The high pricing is because these ads are more effective and guarantee lead generation.

2. Email Marketing

Although Email marketing has its roots in traditional advertising, it works like a charm even today. It is a promotional channel for generating leads and driving more people to your landing page or website. It is a great way to reach out to your existing database that is well acquainted with your brand – it’s much easier to inspire action since they already have faith in your brand and its offerings. Emailers with a compelling copy and an attractive design have the potential to ensure successful campaigns.

3. Blogs

The blog section on your website is where quality content finds home. With the help of SEO strategies, you can drive traffic to the website by shortlisting high-quality keywords related to a particular topic. Studies have shown that researching and writing a blog based on the subject relevant to your industry can help boost the number of leads. Publishing blogs consistently is necessary in order to see a substantial difference. It takes time, effort, and a lot of research for developing quality content when it comes to blog writing. The good news is, the results are equivalent to the efforts you put in.

4. Professional Photos and Videos

Having professional photos of the property on your landing page will not only give it an aesthetic appeal but also compel the visitor to trust you faster. Professional interior shots will also enable the clients to get a better, clearer idea of what they are opting for. Moreover, one can go crazy in terms of creativity behind making these videos or photos to make the property look more inviting.

5. Follow-up Processes

The gold is in the follow-up – this proves to be the number one formula when it comes to improving the Real Estate lead conversion rate. In order to maximize your revenue from these leads, you must frame an effective follow-up strategy. It can be executed via emails, calls, or SMSs. Having a timeline and structured follow up process in place helps you build a strong network base.