Benefits of Email Marketing

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How many times do you check your email? Do you constantly feel the need to open your email for important messages?

According to a Statista report, global e-mail users will reach 4.6 billion by 2025. That’s more than half of the world’s population. Most people check their email daily, whether eating, working out, or sitting to the loo.

Do you wish to transmit information smoothly to your potential customers? If yes, you might want to check out email marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a direct marketing channel that helps promote your business’s services and products. DMA conducted research where participants were asked about their preferred channel to receive information, and a collective response hailed email.

Consumers usually prefer receiving emails for important information, including customer service, reminders, tutorials, and product launches. Email marketing is equally preferred when having B2B conversations.

Email marketing is much easier and more successful because people constantly check their email. Users don’t have to spend much time looking over the message and can conveniently mark the ones they find interesting.

Advantages of email marketing

We understand you wouldn’t want to spend money on murky marketing techniques. But, believe us, the advantages of e marketing are tremendous.

Email marketing is easy for consumers as well as businesses. It is designed to make your life easier, especially with experts like us by your side. Email marketing is preferable because it’s:

1. Cheap:

You can send emails to people, regardless of the distance, and it will cost you the same price.

2. Convenient:

Your message won’t disappear unless the user manually deletes your email. Furthermore, you can seek us out to make the “sending out emails” process easier for you.

3. Fast:

It takes mere seconds for you to send an email.

4. Organized:

You can keep a good record of sent messages. With that, you can also record its response.

Email marketing becomes even more preferred on the consumer end when the messages are personalized. Despite how big your audience is, marketing through email gives you a higher edge because:

a) Customization is likely to generate almost 50% higher open rates! It includes creating a personalized subject line and enclosing the company’s name and topic of interest.

b) You can also make your emails interactive by adding graphics and videos. It will engage your audience and increase your click rate by 300%.

c) Consumers are interested to know more about you as a brand. They usually prefer to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands weekly.

As you can see, email marketing can be very helpful. Plus, if you hire a professional marketing agency (uh-uhm, we are here), the whole customization and personalization process will become more manageable.

Benefits of email marketing

We are here to convince you how email marketing will grow your brand, armed with experience and facts. It’s true because 73% of millennials still prefer business communications via email.

Let’s look at some benefits of email newsletters:

• Collect feedback and surveys:

Work your magic with personalization, and you can gain valuable information about customer experience. It won’t only keep your audience gripped but will also help them develop faith in you. Primarily, they’ll be satisfied that their preferred brand cares about their experience and opinion.

• Improve sales

Marketing and sales go hand in hand, and email provides a solution for both. Many consumers have routinely said that marketing emails influence their consumer decisions. Users would have most likely signed up to receive your emails. It will be excellent to incorporate messages to encourage purchases.

• Generates traffic to your website

Due to busy schedules and increased portals, your website can slip off a consumer’s mind with time. However, with frequent emails, your brand visibility will increase, and this will enable two essential things:
a) Bring traffic to your website
b) Improve your SEO and rankings on search engines

• Reach the right people at the right time

One thing that rom-com movies have taught us is that “timing” is crucial. And yes, it has equal prominence in business relationships as well. With email marketing, you’ll be reaching out to your audience regularly. It will successfully help you to be foremost in one’s thoughts.

• Create cost-effective campaigns

Outbound marketing, though a traditional form of marketing, can be very costly for your sustenance. With email marketing, you’ll be saving your time and budget. You’ll need only a copywriter and a graphic designer (or an agency that will fulfill both criteria). It will also generate ROI and leads.

• Prepare a database of your contacts and media.

If you look at other forms of digital marketing, they usually don’t let you own your
a) Contact lists
b) Media
In case your media platform shuts down, you’ll end up losing your contacts. It’s much easier and safe to build your email list. You can routinely interact with your audience and own the content you produce.

Email marketing’s brilliance not only comes with its ease, but it also with audience-approved aesthetics and a self-promotion platform. You only need to focus on delivering the content your audience wants to see.

You need an expert’s opinion to read the audience and deliver professional content for them. Don’t worry, we got you and you got us! Together we can break the mail and get you your gains.

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