Benefits & importance of content marketing

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Do you like to read articles released by your favorite brands? Do you anticipate video releases by a brand to get an idea about their services?

Many brands use online tools such as videos, blogs, and social media posts to engage their consumers. They use it to generate interest among people for their products instead of promoting their brand explicitly.

This practice is known as content marketing. Before understanding why you should use it, let’s start by looking at what content marketing is and why content is important.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy used by various businesses to attract, engage, and retain customers by developing and sharing relevant videos, pictures, podcasts, articles, and other media.

It exhibits the brand’s expertise, promotes brand awareness, and keeps the customers on their toes whenever there is time to buy what you sell.

Once you start sharing content consistently, your customers become interested in your operations. They consider you a valuable source of advice and regard you while making purchases.

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing presents an opportunity for consumers to engage with companies. Reading articles, commenting on posts and blogs, and watching videos, facilitates the consumers to feel like they are a significant part of the business. They can engage with people in the brand, building trust between them.

Statistics show that content marketing works and provides a competitive advantage to companies. The importance of content marketing shouldn’t be overlooked, as over 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content every day.

Furthermore, 72% of B2B marketers mention that content marketing increases their engagement and the number of leads they generate.

By entrusting experts like us with content marketing, you’ll be able to show consumers the magic of your brand and your products. The advantages of content marketing are endless, and we will prove that for you.

Benefits of content marketing

A report by the State of Inbound mentions how content creation is a top priority for almost 80% of marketers. Posting consistent high-quality and engaging content impacts a consumer’s decision-making the most.

Grab the nearest paper and pen, and jot down reasons why you should invest in content marketing to make your brand grow faster.

1. Retain customers

Great content can be used to grab the attention of your audience and reinforce a positive brand image. By posting continuously, you’ll provide a good experience to your customers. You’ll compel them to come back for more content, same as you routinely visit an Instagram account for song recommendations.

2. Build engagement on social media

No, you cannot overlook the power of social media in present times. Over 4.70 billion people were using social media platforms worldwide, in 2022 consisting of 59% of the global population. Having a large follower base is good, but traction is also important. With quality content, you can see a good up-tick in traction.

3. Improve conversions

Let’s be honest, your posts do influence conversions. Original content, like using your graphics instead of stock images, blog write-ups, etc. will not only let consumers make informed choices but will help them connect with your brand. It will also help you to have an effective online reputation.

4. Build trust

Interaction with consumers is essential to building a trustworthy relationship. Your brand creates value when you give them a platform where they can ask you queries. By answering their questions, you improve your brand’s reputation, and with more content, the customers can have a positive association with you.

5. Become visible

You should have a content strategy ready at hand to ensure that your efforts shine. With quality content, you’ll be able to become more visible online and gain trust. However, by using good SEO strategies, you’ll be able to rank higher in search engines.

6. Gain credibility

Consumers usually refer to a few brands as credible sources to get resourceful information. With quality content, your brand can also become a reference point for customers to source credible information. Not to mention, it will help you a lot to rank higher in search engines. Spending adequate resources on your content strategy will bestow industrial expertise on your shoulders.

7. Save monetary assets

Wait, what? Can content strategy make you save money? Of course, yes!
Quality content is a good SEO tool that not only engages your customers but also acts as a good marketing strategy covering all the essential aspects such as building brand loyalty, trust, awareness, lead generation, etc. Instead of investing in different channels of marketing, the content will save you a lot of pennies to hire experts like us to work magic for your brand.

There’s no pretense that content marketing successfully makes your business kick off from an early stage. If you make your customers believe that you are an expert from the get-go, they won’t be hesitant to make purchases from you.

Build your content team, bring in content specialists AKA us and create a content marketing strategy to get the big bucks. Together we can make your brand and content stand out!

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