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Today people spend the vast majority of their time on the internet. From online shopping to seeking information, the internet is a trusted source for most things. Hence in this era, digital advertising is not an option but an essential means of communication and marketing.

In the present times, digital marketing is the most sought-after advertising technique by businesses to drive direct sales via electronic commerce. Digital marketing channels ensure augmenting leads and sales. People spend enormous amounts of time online to a point where it could be called their second profession. Thus, it is the need of an hour for businesses to make the most of this by channeling the right crowd towards them with the

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising, also called internet marketing, is a form of advertising where businesses leverage various platforms on the internet to promote their products or services to customers. In return this enables the target audience to be directed to their website or any other form of contact. Digital marketing includes using various internet- based advertising tools to research, analyze, and improve online advertising campaigns. It incorporates promotional advertisements and messages delivered through emails, social media websites, online advertising on search engines, banner ads on mobile and websites. These services are provided by digital advertising agencies.

Today the internet is the bible we live by and hence making the most of it is beneficial for businesses. Learning about the benefits of digital marketing and various options available to you to avail the right results for your business, will aid one to attain the ultimate potential of the digital world.

5 Key Benefits of Digital Advertising for Your Business

1. Cost-Effective

Digital marketing is a cost-effective way of advertising. Compared to traditional advertising, it is more reasonably priced and ensures great results. Also, it is accommodative in nature and can be modified according to different needs and desired outcomes. Digital advertising goes a long way and offers the same level of field of play for both small as well as large scale companies. Furthermore, it gives the brands a sense of control allowing them to customize and personalize marketing as per their needs and budget.

2. Fast and Easy to Plan

Digital advertising offers a quite efficient and simple way to plan and execute campaigns. Compared to traditional advertising, digital campaigns can be executed much more quickly and have the option of modifying any aspect of it when needed. It saves time, budget and unnecessary efforts.

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3. Real Time Tracking

One of the greatest advantages of digital marketing is the ability for real time tracking. Digital marketing facilitates the tracking of results and enables the advertiser to access information about the interaction taken place with the ads, their demographics and plus other data related to potential customers. This allows the advertiser to analyze and evaluate their strategies, its outcome and money spent on them.

4. Flexibility

As mentioned earlier too, Digital Marketing is adaptable in nature. Hence, it offers a great deal of flexibility and personalization in its functionality. The campaigns can be executed efficiently and also modified instantly if any changes are needed. This renders a lot of control and authority with the advertisers allowing them to act for better results.

With digital marketing, one can share a piece of content across various platforms and, hence ensuring a wider reach. It also does not require a heavy work force or capital and hence reduces any complications.

5. Targeted

Digital Marketing is target oriented. It is directed towards a particular target audience with specific qualities and interests that can match their typical customer. Data regarding the users’ can be obtained by various advertising and social media platforms hence making the campaign even more effective and successful.

Moreover, it directs potential customers towards the website with the help of their active search for related content. In this way, digital marketing offers a very precise and focused approach towards advertising.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

High Competition –

Digital marketing is not as new and so almost every business is online posing the threat of competition. Your content and strategy needs to stand out from the many who are already in the process of doing the same.

Technology dependent –

Since it’s all digital you require an internet connection, and other technological equipment to run your business.

Time Consuming –

Elaborate planning, strategising, tracking your strategies may be time consuming if you’re the only one handling everything.

Privacy & Security Issues –

If proper protocol and anti-viruses aren’t used you’re open to and prone to many cyber leaks. Your information is readily accessible and available online to everyone which poses some security and privacy issues.

The advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing can be weighed side by side, but we assure you the cons will not convince you to ignore the pros.

The 5 Best Digital Marketing Channels

Here are some of the best digital marketing channels and online advertising platforms for your business:

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is one of the most reliable types of digital marketing, targeting users based on their intent. It is based on keywords that are most researched and looked up by the users.Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click ads are one of the very popular and quite effective types of digital advertising and have helped brands see a notable rise in generating quality traffic. PPC allows the website to be positioned in the top ranks in paid search engine results on Google when used with certain keywords. Although, PPC is known to be cost effective and if the website is making use of certain popular keywords it will have to pay for it in case other businesses are using it too.

Some key facts about PPC:

• Visitors attracted by PPC are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors

• 49% of Users are estimated to be likely to click on a text ad

• Around $10.1 Billion was spent on PPC by advertisers in 2017

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the most effective and efficient way to attract potential customers to your website. Although it needs more time and effort, if executed properly SEO can prove to be very fruitful. SEO mainly includes search engines which allow relevant content to show up in results. This relevance can be brought by optimizing the website content with certain specific keywords which then attracts the users and customers which are potentially interested.

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3. Social Media Marketing

People today are glued to their phones, checking their social media right from the moment they wake up in the morning till they shut their eyes at night. Social media is one true constant partner everybody carries these days. People spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on social media. In this scenario, social media marketing is one of the most effective ways of ushering the right audience to your website or making them aware about your brand. Social media marketing includes

• Paid Advertisements:

We often see these ads on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Paid ads basically include leveraging posts on social media platforms for promoting them and reaching potential customers through the use of a target audience. They can be often seen to be labelled as “sponsored” or “advertisement” by the platforms.

• Influencer Marketing & Brand collaborations:

Advertisements that include word-of-mouth publicity, marketing by collaborating with influencers etc. can come under Influencer Marketing. Usually these influencers talk about the products through their videos and posts which in turn promote the brand and help in bagging customers. This type of digital marketing helps in building a loyal brand following by forming an interactive two-way communication through social media.

• Video Ads:

Video advertisement consists of a video, talking about the brand or product for the purpose of its promotion. One can see video ads showing up at the beginning of a YouTube video or on Facebook. Although video ads can have a greater impact on the audience, producing one is a big task. It demands intricate planning to create a content of the video that is engaging, entertaining, intriguing as well as promoting and communicating the message of the brand at the same time.

3. Native advertising

Native ad is a further strategic and intentional form of display ad. It is more target oriented. Native ad consists of a type of sponsored listing that is sort of camouflaged or concealed into the feed. It consists of four subtypes – promoted listing, recommendation widgets, search ads or in-feed. Native advertising usually collects data from user search history or online activities and preferences.

This enables them to derive relevant content and hence display it to an audience which can be very well identified as potential customers. Native ads are also preferred by users due to their high relevance.

4. Amazon Advertising

Today, Amazon has a good amount of first-hand consumer purchasing data which makes Amazon Advertising even more attractive and effective. Amazon advertising is quite similar to Google Ads where when you search for a particular product on amazon, the first few results which appear are paid ones.

Amazon ads can appear on individual products as well. Amazon is considered to be a very influential platform for advertisement due to its existing platform. It has around 300 million users and hence a huge audience.

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5. Email marketing

Email marketing is a very common way of digital advertising as the majority of people prefer emails as a way of business to communicate including ads. This type of digital marketing consists of newsletters where the potential customers who might or might not have filled the “sign up” form on your website. These sign up pages are usually present on the homepage of a website and are integrated via e-mail service providers.

This further helps to grow your email marketing list. This strategy is also used to follow up and generate a potential customer. If executed well, email marketing is also an impactful technique for digital marketing.

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1. How do digital ads work?

With digital ads, the formula is simple. You only pay when a user clicks on your ad or performs the desired action. For example, if you have set up an ad campaign with a cost-per-click (CPC) of Rs. 10, this means that you are ready to pay Rs. 10 for every click on your ad.

2. What are the three main functions of advertising?

Here are the primary purposes of advertising: -Promoting / Creating awareness about your brand and its offerings. -Introducing new products in the market and creating a buzz around it. -To always keep the brand and its products/services on the consumer’s mind. -To generate revenue through quality leads and improved sales.

3. What are the elements of advertisement?

The important elements of a digital advertisement are: -Brand & Product mention -Offers / Discounts -Key Content (Creative Copy, Headline, Primary Text, Description) -The Image / Creatives -The Logo -Call-to-action

4. What is the main goal of promotion?

Promotion refers to any kind of messaging delivered to the audiences about the features and benefits of products / services offered by a brand. The more creative the promotion strategy is, the more impactful it is and creates a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind. The aim is to increase awareness, create interest, generate sales or create brand loyalty.

5. What does a digital advertising agency do?

An ideal digital marketing agency helps brands grow digitally, both in terms of online presence and business revenue. Typically, their services include: Digital Advertising Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Web Development and Online Branding.

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