Why Should eCommerce Brands Leverage Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising

Amazon is a well-trusted platform and having one’s product on the top of Amazon’s search list is a big deal today. Along with having around 300 million daily active users, Amazon has emerged to be the largest marketplace in the world.

Being a digital advertising solution, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) enables vendors to fight a tough competition quite remarkably, by rendering them a platform which allows them to stand out. Search ads within Amazon’s ecosystem allow you to promote your products and create demand for them by advertising them until the last stage of the buying process.

With 55% of internet users skewing to Amazon to seek essential products, Amazon has been observed to even outperform Google in search intent. Hence, today advertising on Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a no brainer for eCommerce brands.

In this blog, we shall witness various benefits of Amazon Advertising.

Key Benefits of Amazon Campaign Management Services

1. Higher Search Appearance

Securing a higher rank on the search list of Amazon is a dream come true for every seller. Using the Amazon PPC model can help your products to get a higher ranking on Amazon. As PPC management as well as sponsored ads allow your product to gain more visibility on Amazon SERP pages which help you stand out from your competitors.

2. Reach More Customers

Leveraging Amazon Advertising renders a brand with a global reach and hence a scope for more customers. A wide range of visibility is often gained by sponsored products which increases your customers and sale ratio. Moreover, a PPC campaign for products escalates the number of views and impressions in the shortest time.

3. Pay for Only Ads Clicks

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) offers a lot of flexibility in terms of monitoring your spending. The Pay for Only Ads Clicks allows the vendor to pay solely for the ads that the buyer has clicked on. This option gives one a choice to pay for clicks and decide whether how much one would bid for the same.

Hence, this allows them to not pay just for the impressions that one sponsored ad may or may not generate. Moreover, the seller need not use a credit card to pay for the same as the amount directly deducted from the sale proceeds. Thus, this makes the whole process even more simpler and tension-free.

4. Device Friendly

Amazon ad management is very easy as the campaigns for a particular product can be run on any device. Being able to access these ads on any platforms including laptops, desktops, or amazon apps on mobile devices or tablets makes it more user friendly and convenient both for the user as well as the seller.

5. Full Control Over Ads

Amazon PPC management Service offers a lot of control to the seller in terms of the ad campaigns, keywords, placements, and target audience. Moreover, the vendors also have various monetary benefits such as choosing their budget for ad payments and bidding. Hence, all this makes Amazon Marketing services one of the most trusted platforms for sellers.

6. Target Shoppers based on Search Terms

Using key search terms is a sure-shot way of reaching potential buyers. Having up-to-date product information containing keywords appearing alongside the products can help you to gain the attenuation of your target audience much efficiently. The buyer can leverage this feature by adding important and relevant keywords to the product ads.

7. PPC Contributes to Business Goals

One can surely attain its business goals by wisely investing in PPC ad campaigns. It will help you achieve various targets and marketing objectives. The well strategizes and management along with flexibility that the platform offers, Amazon Marketing Service is every businessman’s best companion.


What type of advertising does Amazon use?

There are three types when it comes to Amazon advertising:
1. Sponsored Product Ads:
These take searchers directly to a specific product you’re selling on Amazon. They are the most commonly used ads on Amazon and are keyword-targeted and appear above or below the search results page and on other product detail pages.

3. Sponsored Brand Ads (Headline Search Ads):
These usually appear in search results as headline banners, above other individual sponsored ads and organic listings. These are also keyword targeted and can be used to promote/showcase 3 or more products together.

2. Product Display Ads:
Product display ads aren’t focused on keyword targeting but on interests. These usually appear at the top and bottom of pages, as well as customer review pages and in marketing emails from Amazon.

What is the best way to advertise on Amazon?

Here are few ways of leveraging the true power of Amazon Advertising:
-Optimise the listings with SEO
-Run Sponsored Product Ads
-Share your listing on Social Media
-Conduct Competitor Analysis
-Keep the product ratings and shipping performance up
-Collaborate with influencers
-Focus on the offers and promotions

What is a good Amazon CTR?

The ad position is one of the key contributors to the CTR. Anything around 0.5% and above can be considered as a good CTR rate. Click through rates below 0.3% are very bad and require a lot of optimisation in order to surpass the ideal number. A well researched and targeted Amazon campaign can get you an excellent CTR of 2-3%.

What are Amazon sponsored brands?

Sponsored Brands are cost-per-click (CPC) ads that feature the brand logo, a custom headline, and multiple products. They usually appear in search results as headline banners, above other individual sponsored ads and organic listings. These are also keyword targeted and can be used to promote/showcase 3 or more products together.

What are Amazon headline search ads?

Sponsored Brand Ads (Headline Search Ads):
These are ads that usually appear in search results as headline banners, above other individual sponsored ads and organic listings. These are also keyword targeted and can be used to promote/showcase 3 or more products together. If a searcher is looking for ’outdoor backpacks’, he/she will see different types of outdoor backpacks in one ad. They serve as a guide when searchers aren’t sure of the exact product they need.

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