Amazon Marketing Strategy – A Guide to Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC Marketing Strategy By BrightBrain

When was the last time you opened Amazon to browse “potential items to buy”? Or let’s make it easier, what was the last item you purchased on Amazon?

There’s no denying that only a few people wouldn’t have heard about Amazon’s amazingness. But have you paid attention to its advertising and how it helps sellers market their goods?

If not, then let’s show you something interesting! Let’s dive into understanding the workings of Amazon PPC and how you can use it to your advantage!

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon’s advertising campaign is famous for how it allures people to buy products through its well-maintained, high-quality, and detailed product descriptions.

Amazon has an advertising platform where the sellers can advertise their products, services, and the brand name. They work on the Amazon PPC (pay per click) model where the advertisers then pay a fee to Amazon whenever a shopper clicks on their ad.

PPC is a cost-effective tool that will increase your sales as soon as possible. What’s more? They aren’t affected by any algorithm update. So, they are more effective to drive customers than SEO results.

Why should we use Amazon PPC?

Amazon is an e-seller giant selling various products directly to the customers, or through intermediaries, by the retailers.

It is a platform where purchasing already happens, so your advertising will be much more effective. You’ll be reaching customers where they make purchases. What else?

Other benefits of using Amazon PPC include:

• Increase orders and conversions:

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailing platforms with more than 310 million customers worldwide. Advertising on this platform will help you promote your brand.

• Boost brand visibility:

promoting your brand on a platform like Amazon will help you with brand visibility lot. You make your products rank high on the search engine and make people aware of your brand.

• Reach Target Audience:

With Amazon ads, you’ll be able to connect with your desired target audience!

All in all, the Amazon campaign is one of the best decisions you’ll be making to get an edge against your competitors.

What is the Amazon Marketing Strategy?

Now you have a basic idea of why you should choose Amazon PPC for your business i.e. for better results, to top it off you can always collaborate with a marketing specialist (Aloha, we are here) to create, market, and manage an effective Amazon advertising campaign.

But before you decide to join hands with us, let us brief you about some high-performing efficient campaigns on Amazon:

1. Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon sponsored ads work on the PPC model. It is keyword-target display ads for different individual products which appear on search results and the product detail pages.

The best part about this is that you can find keywords that have low conversion rates and can flag them negatively. This will ensure that your ads won’t be shown when someone types in that specific keyword. This way you won’t spend money on low conversion rates.

If you decide to work with manual targeting, then you can bid on specific categories of keywords. Manual targeting is deciding what keywords you want and then bidding rates for your ad campaign.

2. Sponsored Brands

Sponsored brands work on the cost-per-click model. Here the brands appear in the shopping results with a custom headline, brand logo, and multiple products. You can do this by targeting three types of keywords:

• Branded product keywords: the combination of your brand name and the product you sell

• Complementary product keywords: a bundle of two individual goods that influence the demand for each other i.e., they are complementary to each other.

• Sponsored products automatic targeting keywords: these are search queries you have been successful with while running automatic targeted sponsored product campaigns.

3. Sponsored Display

Product display ads are PPC ads that appear on the following pages:

• Product display page
• Customer review page
• Listing page: on top of the offer listing page
• Below search results

The objective of this type of ad is to cross-sell or upsell your customers, and hence you can place them over:

• Abandoned cart emails
• Follow-up emails
• Recommendation emails

Using this, you’ll be able to target specific products and related categories. You’ll also be targeting shopper interest and connecting with a larger audience.

Amazon marketing campaign is very useful if you want to improve your conversion rates and ROI. You can also use the practice of “Amazon Stores” to promote your brand on your own multi-page Amazon store. A cherry on the cake could be Amazon’s templates and drag-and-drop tiles to showcase your brand’s products and portfolio of work.

A free incentive, Amazon stores are an amazing way to view traffic analytics and keep track of sales, traffic sources, and ad campaigns. So, don’t shy away from using all features!

With Amazon PPC you can easily boost product sales, increase organic rankings, create brand awareness, maintain a good position with competitors, and increase the visibility of your products.

An expert’s opinion becomes essential when designing a good advertising strategy. You can count on us to help you set the sail!

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