Advanced Search Engine Optimization Techniques in 2020

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Techniques

In today’s digital world, Search Engine optimization is a very popular aspect of digital marketing. SEO is the optimisation of one’s website to allow relevant content to show up in search engine result pages. This relevance can be brought by optimizing the website content with certain specific keywords which then attracts the users and customers which are potentially interested.

SEO is proved to be very efficient in gaining desirable results and hence is the most sought-after digital marketing technique. However, the techniques and rules of SEO are ever evolving and upgrading every now and then. Hence, it is important for one to stay updated and well informed about the latest SEO techniques.

If you wish to improve your search ranking, below are 9 latest advanced seo techniques of 2020. The following advanced seo tips will help you to better understand the current developments and progress in the advanced search engine optimization strategies today.

9 Advanced Search Engine Optimization Techniques

1. Search Intent Keywords Research

Search Intent is mainly understanding the “why” behind a particular search. Search Intent is a very essential aspect of SEO as satisfying Search Intent is ultimately Google’s primary goal as it fulfils Google’s aim of providing users with the most relevant result for their query. Hence, search intent keyword research plays a very crucial role in deciding the ranking of your website. There are 4 principal categories of intent keywords which includes informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional. Around 99% of all search terms fall under this category.

Hence, you should check the search intent for your keywords before developing content. Also, figuring out the category of the search can be done by its name itself. For example, “buying a new laptop” will fall under commercial search intent. Hence, it’s easy to crack that step. Search Intent keyword research is one of the most advanced seo techniques of 2020 and is proved to be very important in gaining the highest ranking in Google search.

2. Focus on Target Audience

In order to get successful returns, the marketer must be able to reach its potential customer in order to get their attention. Hence, to successfully execute advanced search engine optimization strategies, one must essentially focus on their target audience and reach out to them in the most efficient way possible. By making use of the vast user data available with Google, one must study their target audience profoundly.

Learn what attracts your users the most and also pay attention to their feedback in order to outreach the desired target. Learning what your user wants and then understanding and adapting accordingly, will prove to be very beneficial in the long run for your business. Make proper use of tools such as Google analytics, Quora, Twitter, Facebook etc to understand the target audience better.

3. Create Long Form Content

Latest seo techniques stress on the importance of length of the content. Along with quality of the content, the length also has an essential role to play in new seo techniques of 2020. Long-form and in-depth content that covers a particular subject can serve to get a better search ranking and hence bags more chances of attracting visitors.

However, this SEO technique is solely not enough unless a perfect balance is achieved in terms of quantity and quality of the content. If executed properly, this advanced SEO tip can help you to secure higher ranking on the search page results. In a research conducted, it was observed that most of the blogs that were ranked first on the search page were on average 1800 words long.

4. Internal linking strategy

Internal linking is a very useful advanced seo technique. While reading a particular blog, when one often finds a link saying “read another similar blog, and then further next. This new seo technique is called internal linking. This is an essential technique as it creates a better structure for your blog as well as is good for the SEO as it lowers the bouncer rates. Internal linking can be heavily witnessed on popular websites like Wikipedia or any other online search encyclopaedias.

After writing a blog, linking your article to relevant blogs will help you to get the “do follow” links and ranks on SERPS. But keeping in mind the relevance of the information on the webpage while linking and the anchor text is linked correctly is very crucial. If not done properly, internal linking will then have no impact whatsoever.

5. Use Infographics

Along with visual aesthetics, infographics also helps in simplifying the information and putting it out in the best manner. They manage to attract the attention of the reader easily as it is highly visual. Moreover, it manages to convey the message of the content more easily as well as in an efficient manner.

In a recent survey conducted on a similar topic observed that 41.5 % of marketers believe that illustrations and infographics rather get a better response and 25.7 % said that charts and data visualizations lead to highest engagement. Infographics helps to enhance your site traffic and is one of the most highly effective advanced seo techniques. Although proper attention has been given to the implementation of design without compromising on the quality and framing of the information.

6. Voice Search Optimization

Catering to voice search optimization is very important. It is the latest seo technique of 2020 you need to incorporate. Today, with the heavy use of mobile internet the voice search feature is getting even more popular and widely consumed. In research conducted it was found that about 40 % of adults use voice search almost every day. As there is quite a difference in the way of conveying a message or the use of language while speaking, than the one which is used while typing, it is necessary to pay attention to specific long- tail keywords and questions that come up.

For example, while typing a user might just search “Mumbai flight time” whereas on voice search they may say “how long is the flight to Mumbai?”. Hence, voice searching optimization pushes the norms of the SEO strategies by challenging them to address complete questions. One must update the keywords research for voice search in order to keep up with the new seo techniques.

7. Create Video Content

In the fast-paced world of today, the attention span of people is reducing rapidly. Due to this, captivating them to engage with your content will need some amount of visual appeal. This can be achieved through video content. Moreover, about 65 % of people are observed to be more prone towards visual learnings.

This makes it important for marketers to create more video content in order to increase audience engagement. In the world of digital marketing, video is the new content king. People spend on average 40 minutes per day on viewing YouTube videos on their mobile devices. Moreover, videos occupy a huge space on SERPs and according to a study the number of video carousels have doubled in Google SERPs.

8. Use Structured Data Markup

There are three main essential parts of a website- Text, Markup and Structured Data. Text is the depictive of the content, Markup displays the layout of the content on the website and then the structure data is the one that allows Google to know about the subject of the data. Structured data markup helps to accentuate the content on your website, helps it look better and finally allows search engines to categorize the content or the website.

This should be an integral aspect of the SEO plan as it enables Google to scan and read your website easily. Structured data markups make your data organised and hence simple for search engines to read. Due to this, using structured data markup has become an integral aspect of latest seo techniques.

9. Get quality backlinks

A backlink is a nothing but a link from one website to another. When one website contains a link of another website, it is usually considered for that website to have noteworthy content. Hence, search engines like Google consider backlinks as a ranking signal. Using high quality backlinks can be beneficial to the website as it will ensure better visibility in search engine results and also a higher-ranking position.


How long does SEO take to Work?

SEO is one of the most elaborate strategies when it comes to digital marketing. Generally it takes up to 6-9 months or longer to see significant results. But, this figure may also change based on how consistent the efforts are being made. That being said, it’s better to start as soon as possible since the wait is a little long, but worth it in the end.

What does an SEO agency do?

An SEO agency or an expert SEO team is responsible for 4 tasks that are the pillars of any effective SEO Strategy:
-Keyword Research
-On Page SEO
-Technical SEO
-Link Building
The ultimate goal is to bring maximum organic traffic to your website and make sure that your brand ranks on top of the SERPs.

What are KPIs for SEO?

Here are the 8 most important KPIs for SEO:
1. Organic Sessions
2. Keyword Ranking Increases
3. Leads / Conversions
4. Pages / Session
5. Page Load Time
6. Bounce Rate
7. Average Session Duration
8. Top Exit Pages

What is difference between white hat and black hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO: This strategy is used to get higher search rankings, and breaking search engine rules. It focuses more on search engines rather than the audience, and is used by those looking for a quick return on their site, rather than a long-term investment.

White Hat SEO: This strategy focuses on leveraging the power of the human audience. It includes using keyword analysis, researching, rewriting meta tags in order for them to be more relevant, link building and writing engaging content for the customers.

What are the top three ranking factors?

Here are the top three ranking factors for SEO:
-Fresh, Quality, Keyword-optimised Content
-Page Loading Speed

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