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Youtube is a massive part of everyone’s lives. If you don’t know how to change a tire, you always have youtube to rely on. You can watch funny cat videos to cheer yourself up or crash courses. Youtubers also put content to gain more attention for their businesses. It is no wonder if you want to take a step forward and grow a youtube channel of your own.

This vast platform lets you explore and be unique about your content. All kinds of ideas are welcome here and there is always a chance of finding an audience. You get to collaborate with others and get feedback through comments, likes and subscriptions.

Although, the important question is how do we get there? The simple answer to it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is SEO in youtube?

The search term that your audience puts is the way to the success of your channel. The search engine is what decides who gets to see your content and who doesn’t. So figuring out the right keywords and what your audience prefers is the key.

Your content should be optimized for the search engine so you can grow more followers. If your content ranks the highest in suggestion tips that youtube offers in its search engine. This means if your content gets more attention, the chances are that you get more views and hence, get more suggestions. That is how to improve your youtube channel. SEO for youtube can actively change your life and put you and your business on a high pedestal in social media marketing.

So let’s go ahead and find out how to grow your youtube channel from 0 to 100.

How to grow your YouTube Channel with SEO?

Here are some youtube SEO tips you can follow to grow your youtube channel.

Youtube SEO tips for beginners:

1. Choose strong and researched keywords

Search engine results pages (SERPs) can become a very competitive ground. There is new content in the world every single day including new businesses, new products etc. so doing your keyword research is a very crucial step.

Here are some things you should do:

• Use your keyword in the video title.

• You can use tools for SEO like- google keyword planner, google search, Moz or Semrush. These tools help with enhancing your keywords. The right keywords can help you get a lot more attention towards your work.

• Use free keyword tools so that you don’t miss out on the right keywords. Most of the time, people searching for that topic or product will be using certain keywords and tools like this can help you find the right ones for your audience.

2. Use your keywords in the video file

Another way to grow your youtube channel is by using the keywords in the video file. Before your file is uploaded and processed, you should add your keywords to the file name. It gives you a huge chance to get your content ranked higher.

3. Take advantage of your video description

A lot of YouTubers use their description to the fullest. They add keywords, hashtags, Instagram profiles, links to their portfolios or businesses and even Q&As. You need to do the same if you still haven’t.

This is what you need to do:

• The descriptions you see while clicking on youtube videos hold a lot of potential. You need to use that 200-word limit to its best and it is advised to fill them with proper keywords that will attract more people.

• Use a natural, simple language and do not overdo it.

4. Tag your YouTube videos accurately

Adding hashtags and proper tags is very beneficial. Hashtags are used all over social media to find the content people are looking for. These tags also help you go viral. The symbol of hashtag # is used under youtube videos so people get exactly what they are looking for.

Youtube reevaluates your videos according to accurate information so it is better to stay true and smart when it comes to tagging your videos. It helps to grow the youtube channel that you’re working on.

• You must put exactly what people need, this is one of the ways SEO for youtube can change your life.
For example, #makeuptutorial, #artclasses, #commentory, #smallbuisnesses etc.

5. Selecting a video category

The algorithm that youtube uses favors the users. It shows them what kind of content they like and displays video suggestions on their feed according to their subscription interests, and likes. Youtube offers different categories to choose from to all its subscribers and this plays an important part in SEO for youtube.

How? You’ll find out below:

1. So once you are ready to upload your video, you can choose the category of your video in advanced settings.

2. Similar categories get grouped together with other YouTubers and their videos. Youtube mixes them and gives them more exposure to a selected audience.

3. You should research well to understand which category your video belongs to. This is one of the most helpful features to grow your youtube channel from 0.

6. Add subtitles and closed captions in your YouTube videos

Adding subtitles and closed captions are a good way to reach out to people who are not native English speakers. It is also more accessible to disabled people. A lot of subscribers look for videos with subtitles and it helps with youtube SEO for beginners. This is what you can do:

• Have subtitles available in multiple languages.

• Having a transcript can also help with more attention from search engines.

• Youtube offers its tool to add subtitles.

• You can even add timestamps for a more organized way of sharing your subtitles and content.

7. Thumbnails and ends

People expect your thumbnails to be attractive, aesthetic, informative and welcoming. Here’s how you can improve your thumbnails and improve your youtube channel :

• If your thumbnails are attractive, they have more chances to be seen for longer by users and hence, higher ranking.

• Add relevant text and images in your thumbnail, it increases your chances of SERPs and more attention.

• Even at the end of your youtube video, remember to add a link to your next video. People are more likely to click on those videos if they see them beforehand or let them play through autoplay.

That’s the end of your youtube SEO checklist.
Tick off all of these to improve your youtube channel. But you don’t have to do it alone, If you don’t want to, you have us and togepull we can pull it off!

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