10 Types of Content that can change your marketing game!

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Content is King. With the rise in technological advancements, content has been at the forefront of everything we see. It’s in your subscribed newsletters, on your phone, and even on pamphlets you see when you’re outside. The fact that you’re reading this right now is an example of content writing. We know how important digital marketing is in this era. But what is a lesser-known fact is that digital marketing can help build trust, confidence, and loyalty for your audience!

Since it’s one of the best ways to increase audience engagement and increase your sales, we’re sure it’s gotten you invested to know the meaning of content marketing and how it’s going to be your digital marketing haven!

What is content marketing?

Content marketing refers to the sharing and creation of content that can be in various forms such as verbal or visual. Each piece of media that you see online is part of some content marketing strategy.

The success of the content one puts out as a brand or as a creator may include various forms of media such as audio, videos, or even simple static images. The quality of the content one puts out is viewed as a reflection of their brand or business. Which is why it is essential to put out high quality images, videos or even written content.

How content is marketed is important but one must first understand what the purpose of content marketing is and why it is important. Let’s take a look!

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing is an important part of any business. If one puts across their content efficiently, and in a way that their audience appreciates, they have pretty much successfully marketed their content.

The content that one puts out, is what sets his/her online presence apart from the others. Since content marketing online is easier and more accessible to everyone, it is considered the best way to market one’s services or products.

Online marketing also helps enhance one’s search engine optimization (SEO), which in turn helps your brand/ business rank above other businesses or brands on Google engines.

Here are 10 types of content that can be used to market your product or service to the world!


Out of numerous digital content types that fall under the broad term of “digital marketing”, here’s a list of 10 types of content marketing, one can employ to promote their business online:

1. Blogging:

Blog posts are one of the quickest ways to find customers and grow your business in a boom. The reader of your blog is looking for content that keeps them interested. Putting out unique content in the form of blogs can help your readers understand your brand or business better. You can also use these blogs as a platform to address issues related

2. Infographics:

Fun and catchy designs can get your audience’s eyes and give them information in a short and illustrative way. They’re captivating and easily presentable information in any form. Research and statistics can be used for this technique and platforms like Canva or even Instagram can be used, what matters is your content.

3. Quizzes:

Who doesn’t love fun quizzes? We’re sure you also enjoy those Buzzfeed quizzes in your free time, that’s a guilty pleasure of the tons. These types of quizzes don’t just provide value for the customers but even you can gain a lot of knowledge about your customers’ needs!

4. Podcasts:

Most people’s first choice of entertainment is listening to podcasts! Podcasts are easy to listen to and you can just use them as background noise like music while registering the information they’re providing. So if you make sure that you have some valuable information in that quirky podcast of yours, you got this!

5. E-books:

Now who doesn’t love easily accessible books on their phones? This is a genius way to gain leads because you’re giving answers to your customers. It shows that you aren’t trying too hard and you’re genuinely caring for your customers’ needs.

6. Videos:

A lot of people these days don’t have the attention span or the time to go through lots and lots of text. Having some visual stimulation and good content for a five-minute video can do the trick to building the right leads!

7. Webinars:

You have the chance to use podcasts and videos at the same time! These webinars can give you the chance to provide insights in an interview manner where you can build a relationship with your lead. Since it’s mostly live, you have the opportunity to build rapport and actual interactions between your customers.

8. Social media:

The best thing about social media is that everyone is on there! It allows your content to be constantly shared, promoted, and interacted with. You can throw interactive and promotional events through your social media reach, trust us, you won’t regret this.

9. User-generated content:

This is one of the lesser-known tricks and the different types of content. Your products or services featured by customers build a rapport between you and the rest of the audience. Customers will always trust the word of another customer. UGC can be done by tagging your brand in one of the products that can be used by a customer. The customer can also be an influencer and you can also use sponsorships!

10. Customer reviews:

As we said before, a customer will trust another word from a customer. These are social proof that your products and services are as good as you say they are. These reviews online, if they’re available on google can act as an SEO tool. It makes your brand transparent and honest which is truly a good look!

We’ve covered a lot of content types you can use for content marketing. It doesn’t end there and with our help, there’s only a step higher so don’t be shy! These content strategies are quite useful and will bring you your desired goals so don’t be scared to give them and us the chance!

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