Is paid promotion on social media worth it?

Social Media Paid Promotion

The excitement that follows at the end of the year when you get to discover your spotify wrapped is the true example of social media marketing. So whether it’s an ad while you’re scrolling through social media or skipping an advertisement on youtube, that is paid promotion and it is working. The annoying ads that you are so eager to skip on YouTube are a version of paid promotion. Everything is influenced by social media promotion.

The paid promotions industry is such a marketable industry that it compelled tech giants like Instagram and Facebook to unveil business profiles and marketplaces. It is achieved through different technological strategies and through the influencers you follow and worship!

Social media promotion is fairly common and now a big industry amounting to billions. The entire world is hooked on the internet. We doze off while doom scrolling Reels and we wake up to the sound of our notifications. It won’t be a surprise if you’ve ever considered pursuing an educational course or bought a cute phone case you came across through these paid promotions.

You will not be alone to promote your business on social media. Instagram and Facebook have business profiles and marketplaces for you to choose from. You can perform these promotions through different technological strategies and learn from the best! (AKA Us)

Now you must be wondering, what is paid promotion?

Paid promotion means paying for your advertisements to display your content to different target audiences on various channels. It is a good way to establish who your content is reaching and what kind of customers you can expect. It is also a cheaper solution than investing in a billboard with your face on it (and we can help you with it!)

Media networks and digital marketing are way more attention-seeking than organic marketing these days. You can use helpful strategies like PPC (pay-per-click), SEO, CPE or email subscription.

Do not be afraid to explore all sorts of opportunities on all platforms and make your paid promotion worth it!

Now let’s find out how social promotion works!


Social media promotion is fairly common and now a big industry amounting to billions. Cause why not? You can now target your own audiences according to demographics, geography and even create leads! All through social media paid promotions.

B2C and B2B retailers are also utilizing social media to advertise their business and win over all platforms, by targeting their ideal audience and acquiring new customers through paid promotion. Although different social media platforms have their own systems. These formats decide how your content can be commercialised and advertised, here are some of them:

1. Instagram

• Instagram provides you an Ads manager to organise your campaigns and lets you turn your posts into promoting advertisements.

• The budget and the duration of your ad promotion is in your hands! You can have a business profile and advertise your business to millions without worrying too much.

2. Facebook

• Facebook has its right hand display open to only advertisements which has become a good way to grasp user’s attention.

• Facebook networks give you the opportunity to promote your company even outside of their own website.

3. Twitter

• Sponsored content can usually overrun the regular algorithm to gain more retweets and attention. Twitter offers various strategies like promoted 280 words, image cards, summary cards, player cards, product cards, and even lead-generation cards.

• Promoted tweets use CPE (cost-per-engagement) which means you only have to pay when someone engages with your content like when they retweet or share it.

4. Youtube

• Youtube offers to play a video/ad at the end of your video as a form of social media ad and it also plays it at the start of any video you watch. This form of advertising is a great way to catch people’s attention while they wait and can easily become catchy and memorable.

• You can have an in-search feature that shows up when you search something on the search tab and there is always an option to advertise in the right hand side.

5. Influencers/bloggers

• This is different from most social media promotions since brands reach out to these influencers on different social media platforms and pay them for advertising their content or products.

• You must have come across your favourite influencers promoting some sort of skincare product that has probably tempted you to buy it too.

Why is paid promotion on social media important

Social media promotion is vital to your business and has now become a safe haven for people who enjoy shopping online. It is preferred to stick with people’s needs and give them what they need. Promoting your business on the most used forms of media is the smartest option to pick. It gives your audience an easier and accessible option for their needs. Here are some of its perks:

1. Increasing brand awareness

2. You can gain leads

3. Feedback

4. Originality

5. Growing audience

6. User-generated content

Investing in social media promotion is a long term plan, it is a foundation for the marketing of your business. Once you are familiar with the process of advertising and managing your budgets with paid social media advertising, it will be life changing for you and your business. Truth be told, social media is one of the easiest ways to advance your work and take a further step to reach your target audience. Keeping them engaged should be your priority. (Just like you are ours!)

You also run an analysis of your promotion, keep a check on social media insights and make improvements wherever necessary. These insights give you the following information:

• To whom your ads are reaching.

• How many times has it been engaged with.

• How many shares, saves or reposts have been made, and many more useful facts!

According to your progress you can offer discounts, coupons, and perform contests as a way to keep them attached and involved.

You don’t have to do it alone, if you have the right place to go to and an idea in your head, you are sorted and ready to relax!

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We are here for you! We can help make paid promotion worth it.

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