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You must have seen your grandparents speaking Facebook language and being interested in all of the things they witnessed there. More than half of the world now floats on the rock of another planet, Facebook. It’s millions of people together from all kinds of cultures and interests in the same place. You’re not the only one wondering how to post Facebook ads!

Did you know that most of these users have already bought $234 worth of goods and gifts from Facebook ads? This could be your chance to woo your target audience and take over this robust platform!

Now that sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

So let’s dive right in, where we will tell you,

How to run a Facebook ads campaign!

What is the Facebook ads campaign?

The Meta company now introduces you to the Ads Manager. Honestly, it is a lifesaver! It helps you run different controls altogether and get a sense of managing ads on Facebook. You have more control over your creativity, budgets and duration and less to worry about. It has its own perks. There are so many different types of Facebook ads!

Some of them are:

• Image ads
• Video ads
• Carousel ads
• Collection ads

And much more! Let’s give you what you want, and discuss the steps towards this process.

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STEP 1: Creating an Ad on Facebook

You got lucky! We are going to be your Facebook ads guide 2022 and you can learn how to post Facebook ads.

1. You will be offered an empty performance dashboard where you can see all your ads and campaigns, including the results given by Facebook.
2. To create an ad, you can click on the type of ad you want and go ahead and click on create. You can find various types of ads according to your needs. This dashboard is the first step towards setting up an ad and giving birth to a new creation.

STEP 2: Naming your Facebook Ad Campaign

Learning how to run Facebook ads is a process and naming your campaign is a foundational step.

1. Naming your campaign can be just as important as creating an ad. It gives your ad a sense of purpose and makes it clearer about what it is that you should focus on.

2. It lets you be more organized and run your campaigns in a more clean manner. Reporting of your work can also make your analysis of the ads much easier.

3. You can include a website name, custom target audience, Facebook page etc.

STEP 3: Facebook Campaign Objective

1. On Facebook, you will get the chance to choose your own campaign objective and how to run Facebook ads! This is very common for social media advertising networks who take into account what you need! (like us)

2. You are given with different categories like
• Awareness which includes brand awareness and reach.
• Consideration which includes traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages.
• Conversion which includes conversions, catalog sales and store traffic.

3. These options and categories have individual applications for your ads. If you want more attention towards the physical location of your traffic, you can choose the option of store traffic. It’s just like choosing the right toppings for your favorite pizza!

STEP 4: Facebook Ads Budgeting

The important step towards the question of how to run Facebook ads, is budgeting.

1. Facebook gives you two options, daily budget and lifetime budget. Choosing the daily budget is a good option if you want your Facebook to pace your spending every day. The daily budget is $1 USD. Lifetime budget is the right thing to do when you want a specific amount of duration and budget. Facebook will pace your spending accordingly.

2. You can also opt for advanced options like
• Schedule, you can use this when you want specific hours and days of your time.
• Optimization, you can bid for your pay per click which will have an effect on your ad. It can be utilized for your target audience and personal goals.
• Delivery, standard delivery shows your ad throughout the day whereas accelerated delivery is like an express option. It helps to spread awareness to your audience on a limited time ad.

STEP 5: Targeting Audience

1. As we’ve discussed before, reaching your target audience is of utmost importance. You will get an option of different targeting options to reach your audience.

2. There is a tool that Facebook offers called audience definition gauge. You can select your favorite toppings and Facebook will keep in mind your choices. You can choose a general or a specific audience according to your choosing.

3. You can choose them by geography, age, gender, ethnicity, politics, languages etc.

STEP 6: Setting up the Ad

Yay! You’ve made it to the last step.This is where we learn how to post Facebook ads!

1. At this stage, If you’re creating an ad for the first time, you need to set everything properly including images and videos. These options can be found in Ad Creative Solution.

2. You need to add your headline, description, website URL, and destination.

3. Once you are done, you can move forward and set your Facebook ad.

Advertising on social media networking sites is crucial at this time. We hope you learnt the best from this Facebook marketing tutorial and how to post your Facebook ads. If you’re on the right track and know what you want from your ad campaign, you’ve got this! You don’t have to do it alone. You’ve got us, too!

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So pay attention to this Facebook Ads guide we gave you and we’ll pay attention to you!

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