13 E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Are you ever so bored and out of your mind that you end up scrolling through Instagram all day? The next thing you know, you’ve ordered tons of products for an entirely new skincare routine. You’re not the only one found guilty for that. We’ve all been there!

If you want to learn how to pull that trick up your sleeve and make your business flourish, we’ll tell you the best e-commerce marketing strategies you can use.

What is e-Commerce marketing?

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing ways of selling and purchasing products and services. There have been traditional ways of getting attention for offline businesses through print media but eCommerce marketing strategies have taken unique measures to spread awareness. Digital marketing has paved a new path for all of us and made things easier.

Let’s dive right in!

Amazing marketing strategies to be that e-commerce company.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, in one word, is a lifesaver. When you search for something on a browser, the result pages show you the best of it all. Using SEO strategies to optimize that, using the right keywords, unique content and headers can improve your chances of getting your potential customer’s attention.

2. Attractive and functional homepage

Now, would you really like to open a website where you click on one thing and it opens something else? That’s annoying, isn’t it? Are you the biggest fan of dull and uninteresting content?

We know you’re not and neither are your customers. It is very important to keep up your pace with an intuitive, attention-seeking and pleasing homepage. It is one of the easiest ways to gain more customers for your products.

3. Social media marketing

Whether it’s Instagram, or Facebook marketplace, ecommerce digital marketing explores and provides customers with the right needs and interests. Focus on promoting your products on social media in a sophisticated manner so the customers can go to your original site and purchase your goods. Social media can play a huge role in the visibility and growth of your business. At least 50% of sales are done through social media. 75% of the B2B buyers govern their decisions through digital marketing on social media. Go get those numbers!

4. Marketing partnerships

If you can get in touch with people’s beloved influencers, you can get what you want. These kinds of partnerships bring value and effort into both of your works. In 2022, Influencer marketing strategy has reached up to being a $16.4 billion industry.

5. Email marketing

You need to be smart and creative when it comes to email marketing. Emails are very common, so to promote your products and to increase your sales, you need to capture your customers’ regard. Even a 5% reach with customers can improve your profits by at least 25%.

6. User experience (UX)

You need to take into account your customer’s requirements. Don’t make your website and advertisements too complicated. Keep it simple and right. Like we do. To provide your partners and customers with the best, make your services accessible and distinct.

7. Affiliate marketing

This is another form of partnership where you can get in touch with people or brands, known as affiliates. They work for you on certain conditions like gaining a commission. At least 80% of brands use affiliates to promote their products. Some brands team up with other brands like the recent H&M and Sabyasachi collaboration was a great way of marketing and introducing unique concepts.

8. Use cookies (not the ones in your pantry!)

Cookies on your websites help advertise your work. It’s a simple tactic of getting your customers to accept cookies while they’re on your site. If they leave, through the tracking of their search engines, you can advertise the product that they were looking at before. This will compel them to take another look. Also buy your product!

9. Pay-per-click marketing

A little investment can never hurt anyone! In PPC, you have to pay for the clicks that a user makes when they want to go to your site through an ad. PPC helps you create content and attract more customers in your budget. The importance of PPC is still underrated but these small investments bring large profits. More than 40% of brands want to increase their profits through PPC.

10. Review and trust

It’s not always easy to trust the products you buy online. Unless it’s from a trusted website of course!

So to gain more trust and make your e-commerce business a safe place, give some space for reviews and honest feedback. This makes your customers realize your determination and seriousness.

11. Personalisation

If you’re making a sub sandwich and the customer likes the chipotle sauce, you give them that! Personalizing your content according to the interests of your customers is a power move. More than 6% of revenue increases are seen after personalizing content.

12. Shopping cart improvements

You don’t want your customers to just add things to the cart and then leave. That does not feel right. So give them all the reasons to stay. Improve your refund and return policy, provide customer support and add tips that they might need!

13. Blog writing

Make big moves! Write fun and interesting blogs that your customers are inclined towards. Make them your leads by taking one step after the other. For example, if the blog is about a vacation in the Bahamas, follow it with what you need for a trip to the Bahamas. This foot-to-door technique will not disappoint you.

E-commerce businesses are vital today. You can’t live without e-commerce online marketing. You can improve your B2B lead generation, and spread more awareness by making these small steps. You can take these small steps with us and make a big difference to your business!

BrightBrain Tech is a Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency with a focus on building digital solutions for Branding and Increased Sales efficiency. Our expertise includes Digital Advertising Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Development and Online Branding. Our Google Partnership brings a unique opportunity to work with the internal team at Google, adding even more value to our team & clients.

Keep going! Give these strategies (and us) a chance to let your e-commerce business evolve and succeed.

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