Grow your business using blogs

Usage of blogs to grow your business.

Why do you choose to visit a website? Is it their blogs or their welcoming emails? In the US, internet users spend 3x more time on blogs than email. Furthermore, blogs are rated the 5th most trustworthy source of gathering online information.

Did you notice how consumers value the blog sites of a business? It’s likely that when they are googling some information, they are introduced to the blog of a company. Hence it’s necessary for you to employ the advantages of blogs, to drive a higher audience to your website.

Don’t worry, through this blog you’ll understand why blogging will keep the odds in your favor, so let the games begin! (even we are Hunger Games fans;)

What is the importance of a blog?

Blogging for business can be seen as a content marketing tactic. The company publishes content related to its product and service to improve its online visibility. Not only that, but blogging is one of the most important marketing tools for your business.

Let’s have a rapid-fire round. Why would you want to market your business? 1, 2, and 3. Your time’s up, and yes you’re correct! The importance of a blog can be realized through the need of maintaining the demand, reputation, competition, and relevance of your brand.

When there are around 1.98 billion websites in the world, it’s important for you to up your marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) game in all possible ways. Updating your blog regularly will help you to:

• Show your industrial expertise through content and articles;

• Have an opportunity to introduce keywords and increase site visibility through organic search;

• Be the voice consumers trust and rely on;

• Redirect consumers from social media to relevant information about your business

• Encourage third-party links and guest blogging

You can see why we stress so much about blogging to grow your business. Now that we have instilled the importance of a blog, let’s look at some of the advantages of blogging!

What are the benefits of blogging?

Did you know? About 59% of people will share your article without even reading it. Imagine the sharing rate if they read it! This is one of the reasons why blogging is one of the most successful types of content marketing strategies.

Apart from the importance of blogs that we discussed above, there are many benefits of blogging that make it so popular among marketers. Industrial experts like us will never stop singing praises about it! Blogging has the following benefits:

1. You can easily increase website traffic

Who doesn’t want more website visitors? Blogging will help you to update the number of pages and increase the frequency of posts on your website. This will increase your chances of showing up on the search engine results page (SERP), so don’t stop from publishing all those unpublished content!

2. It will drive up your conversions

Lead generation is the act of getting people interested in your business and gradually turning them into paying customers. Every new page you create on your blog site is an opportunity for you to convert traffic into leads. You can make them sign up for your emailing list and voila! You got a potential customer.

3. It contributes to social media efforts

The benefits of blogging aren’t limited to a website. It will also help you to get discovered via social media. Content that people can share on social networks like LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Facebook, will expose your business to a new audience and strengthen your social reach.

4. It will reinforce your brand and increase engagement

A blog is like your secret corner where you are unapologetically yourself, an unlimited space that will reinforce your identity. Except, it is visible to everyone. While you emphasize your expertise, you’ll have a bunch of consumers ready to share your informative content with others. How cool is that!

5. You can see long-term results

When search results provide the consumer with an informative post, they are automatically sold to that brand. By establishing your expertise and authority through blogs, you won’t only get increased traffic, but also better sales results. A loyal customer will be automatically added to the list of your trusted customers, and it will only grow with time.

6. You’ll be able to engage with link building

Inbound links are one of the most crucial factors in search engine optimization. Creating content that other brands regard in high regard will help you gain relevant links. Links for authoritative websites will signal to Google that you’re trustworthy and an expert, automatically helping you with better visibility on SERPs.

Blogging may seem a difficult feat to achieve, but it isn’t. You need to be clear about your content marketing strategy and how you want to be perceived by your readers. After you have done this, choose a blogging platform like WordPress (highly recommendable) or Wix. Choose your plan, get a domain name, and start building your blog. Make a posting calendar and voila, you are ready with your platform!

However many websites you read about best marketing strategies, the importance of blogging will be highlighted over and over again. The more you publish, the better your blog will be and experts (we are right here) can help you organize your content in the best way. Get your notebook and start preparing an editorial calendar with different articles you’ll like to publish on your website. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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