10 point checklist to ace the pharmaceutical brands on digital platforms

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Digital marketing has taken the world by storm and the Pharmaceutical sector has significantly experienced this transformation. With each passing day, new means are getting devised to bridge the gap between Pharmaceutical companies and its customers.

Digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industry in India can be a little challenging but with the right approach, anything is possible. Here’s a glimpse at how we can achieve perfection in this aspect.

1. Keeping a tab of online searches of your audience:

In this technology-savvy world, whenever a person encounters a health problem, she/he initially approaches the internet to google and find its solution. This opens up a wide opportunity for us to pop up in their search results and talk about our services. The internet searches of consumers help us in identifying our target groups and aid us in directing them towards our platform. However, during this entire process, we need to take care of the fact that our content should help people and not seem like a sales pitch at every interaction.

2. Identify target audience according to different parameters:

There are several tools on the internet that exhibit data related to medical websites. This data helps us have a clear view of all the information an individual doctor looks up ,including medical websites, pharma brand platforms, the latest news of the pharma sector, and all other relevant websites. Thus, when we set down a strategy for digital marketing, all these statistics help towards clearing out a route and telling us the latest preferences of our target users. Moreover, when the choices of our target groups become clear to us, we can make our content more relatable to them.

When we are identifying our target groups, we should consider the end-use of our medicines. This is important because at the end of the day, it’s the patients who are using our medicines and the doctors change the dose according to their problems. So, narrowing down our target market according to this perspective can help us a lot.

3. Gain detailed information about the respective doctors:

An efficient business analytics tool can be used to track a doctor’s previous record and his/her touchpoints in the past. By closely observing the activities of doctors, we will also gain knowledge about the medicine’s efficiency. This will ultimately help our medical representatives in contacting the right doctor with an optimum pitch. This piece of information will also assist us in administering and prioritizing doctors. All in all, a detailed analysis of the doctors prove beneficial in making the perfect choice for our medicines.

4. Gathering insights about the users’ journey:

By closely observing the journey of users, we can build a clear image of their choices and decisions. Different routes can be utilized to detect which activities actually turned out to be helpful for our sales and which actions did not yield results. This analysis tells us what all can be enhanced for positive outcomes as per the digital transformation in the pharma industry. Moreover, we also need to take care of the content perspective by collecting information about what type of content is being consumed, at what time, and on which platform.
In the end, intricate insights into our campaign performances also play a major role.

5. Innovation on a regular basis:

When you say marketing, it directly translates into sustainability and continuity. This means that it’s highly crucial for us to communicate with our audience and gain their feedback on a regular basis. Moreover, today’s viewers do not prefer monotonous content, they want a change every day. Now, this demand requires us to innovate and bring in new content frequently. The experience we offer to our users on our platforms dictates their experience with us. This event then leads to word-of-mouth marketing. All this collectively enhances users’ experience and thus increases our brand’s value.

6. A 360-degree approach:

When the goal is to devise a perfect digital marketing strategy for a pharmaceutical brand, we need to implement a 360-degree approach. This planning requires us to identify our target audience, take care of their patterns, personalize our services according to their needs, and maintain our social media presence adequately. Social media marketing plays a significant role in influencing users and informing them about our services. Today social media platforms are being accessed by people from all age groups and that’s why these online tools can aid our growth a lot.

7. Let your mailers speak for you:

If you have an authentic and comprehensive database, email marketing can prove to be one of the most effective tools for you. The ROI (Return on Investment) of email marketing is also quite high, proving it to be beneficial for pharmaceutical brands.
Although, it’s of vital importance that our database comprises verified email addresses so that email deliverability isn’t an issue.

8. Creating intrigue by highlighting problems:

Unanswered questions always leave behind a trail of intrigue and especially when it’s about health, curiosity comes tagging along. With changing trends, we need to give a pass to the age-old way of presenting the solution first. It’s time to modify our ways and introduce the audience to the problem at the first stage. This will create the required curiosity and tempt the viewers to visit our platform again for the answers. In this manner, the audience will readily accept our pharmaceutical solutions.

9. Induce customers’ engagement for higher retention:

Online engagement offers a different kind of experience to the users. For example, if they are looking for a solution online and we reach out to them with the exact information they were seeking, they will experience a sense of belonging. On the other hand, interesting conversations, online trivia, challenges, competitions, and influencer activities can also amplify our engagement.

10. Maintain a balance:

Digital marketing for pharmaceutical brands is not a cakewalk. It seeks a perfect balance of the traditional practices and the current content marketing strategies. On one hand, our pharma marketing solutions need to be aligned with the current preferences of the audience. However, on the other hand, it should also respect the standard methods. All in all, our content must be engaging but it should also deliver the core message in a precise manner.

Proper implementation of all these measures by a pharma digital marketing agency can result in a successful digital marketing campaign.