A Guide to Link Building in SEO

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Did you know that 67.5% of SEOs believe that backlinks significantly impact search engine rankings? If you’re revamping your SEO strategies, let us tell you, you NEED to know about link building.

Link building in SEO is the process of acquiring links to your website from that of others. Moreover, the better the quality of the web pages linking you, the more you are likely to rank higher on search engines.

Google likes to identify the trustworthiness and relevance of a website, and hence you need to start working on link building as your prominent strategy!

What is link building in SEO?

Link building, as mentioned, is a term for how you can acquire links to your content. Links are likely to direct more people to your content while leading to higher search engine rankings.

The best way you can gain authority for your work is through having backlinks from credible websites. Having backlinks from irrelevant sites is less likely to help you rank better. So, there are two areas you need to focus on for link building in SEO:

• Creating high-quality content, that others will like to backlink

• Having good link-building strategies to up your game in SEO

If you are conflicted about backlinks, you should keep in mind their benefits.

What are the benefits of link-building techniques?

Link building is the best way to let Google and other search engines know how good you are. Remember how Ben proved his worth to Jules at the end? (please tell us you have watched The Intern!).

Link building is relevant because:

• It gives more credibility to your website, as a third party is backing up your domain’s authoritative strength.

• Google uses links to rank a site. The first ranking page on Google has an average of 3.8x more backlinks than positions 2-10!

• Backlinks provide increased web traffic.

• Link building leads to higher site metrics in terms of domain authority, page rank, etc.

• You can get connected with authority players in your sector.

• It provides improved visibility and exposure.

• Link building improves your sales and revenue generation opportunities.

Trust us, you don’t want to be a part of 95% of online pages which don’t have any backlinks pointing to their website. There are different types of link-building techniques you can use as link quality and quantity impact rankings, brand authority, and brand building.

What are the different types of link-building strategies?

There are 91% of all pages which don’t get organic traffic due to no backlinks, and hence you should employ the following types of link-building strategies to improve the quality of your website!

Different links serve different purposes, so you should recognize which will work the best for you (or you hire us to do it 😉

1. Editorial Links

Link building in SEO works best when you get backlinks that you didn’t ask for. Now, it is tough, but you can be successful here by creating high-quality content. For example, Samsung gets traffic on its website after the launch of a new product because thousands of websites link it to its website!

You can also ask for editorial links, but you need to work hard for them. For example, you can publish some relevant consumer statistics that you can later pitch to journalists. Hence, promotion is the key here.

2. User-generated links

User-generated content is important because they tend to be more trustworthy than your company’s advertisements. However, when we talk about user-generated links, they aren’t always seen as relevant by Google. Stuff like unmoderated blog comments, article directories, undirected directories, embeddable widgets, infographic embeds, and many more are seen as low quality therefore, you should be mindful of them.

Focus more on editorial links while moderating irrelevant user-generated links to help you rank better on websites.

3. Nofollow links

These links technically don’t boost your rankings because blogs using them usually do so to tell Google that they aren’t aware of the authority or relevance of a website. However, Google is evolving the ‘no follow’ attribute for backlinks, potentially providing more value to your backlink profile than before. Nofollow links are helpful because:

• Others will link to your site, but won’t endorse it. But even linking shows that your content is relevant!

• There might be some links that would have backlinked to your site because of sponsorship.

Did you notice how link-building techniques are beneficial for your website one way or the other? You can get links by various tactics, maybe by requesting links, manually adding links in comments or guest posts, and earning links.

You need to create linkable assets, get active on social media, participate in guest posting, search for unlinked brand mentions, reclaim lost backlinks, and replicate competitors’ backlinks. Changes like having long-form content, or listicle content are likely to get more backlinks in comparison to other blog post content.

You need to know the ropes of digital marketing and link building in SEO to increase your relevance in your industry. You need a professional’s eagle eyes to do the work for you, and we are happy to help you with that!

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