How To Reel In The Right Audience For The Health & Fitness Sector Via Online Platforms?

Online fitness marketing

Given the current circumstances, wellness is now everyone’s top priority. To make the most of the #StayAtHome period, people have resorted to various forms of fitness regimes – Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Zumba – all to keep themselves occupied and healthy.

Free online guidance provided by Health & Fitness experts has kept the motivation up and running. However, the early stages of enthusiasm see their end sooner rather than later as people outgrow this interest. The Health & Fitness sector needs the kind of audience that is looking for long-term solutions and to whom health and fitness routines are a priority and not a passing phase.

To catch the attention of this potential target market for health and wellness, your business needs to have well-thought-out online fitness marketing strategies in place. If you do not have an in-house marketing team, then a fitness marketing agency is strongly recommended. The fitness industry marketing experts carry out the health and wellness market segmentation process to bring the best results for your business!

In this blog, we shall discuss different ways that can help you accelerate your fitness business online – right from defining your target audience to marketing strategies!

1. Define Your Target Audience

Who is your target audience? This is the first question that needs to be answered when it comes to marketing. Define various characteristics of the audience that you wish to target – age bracket, gender, people dealing with a certain health problem, and such. This helps you narrow down on your target audience significantly. Once you have your eyes set on the right audience, come up with effective Digital Marketing strategies to attract them towards you by leveraging their interests and concerns.

2. Create A Niche For Your Brand

Communicating your niche clearly to your audience allows them to perceive and understand it better. Clearly identify the needs and wants you cater to, establish a brand identity in terms of communication and design. This attracts potential clients to your platform. Creating a niche for your brand can be accomplished by either providing specific types of workouts like

Zumba and Yoga, or digital marketing based on exercises that provide relief from specific health problems like diabetes and blood pressure. Once you establish a niche in the market, gaining loyal customers is a cakewalk.

3. Run Social Media Ads

In this digital era, social media is your breeding ground to attract more and more audience to your business. On an average, people spend 2.5 hours a day browsing on social media platforms. Hence, social media marketing is one of the most effective ways of ushering the right audience to your website. Thanks to the advanced digital marketing tools available today, one can customize their advertisements and make sure that it’s reaching the right audience.

4. Share Success Stories

Don’t tell them, show them! Let your existing loyal customers vouch for you when new, potential ones come to your platforms. This is the best drive to convince them of your expertise. Sharing success stories is the quickest, most effective means of getting your audience to trust you.

Writing a blog or a short post about your present client’s journey of fitness not only makes for engaging content but also helps boost leads. Some other interesting ways are – sharing before-after photos on social media, providing health tips, recipes, and quick workouts, quirky suggestions, “did you know?” posts, and such.

5. Reel Them In Via Offers

There are already many mental barriers when it comes to getting people started on their
fitness journey – lack of determination, motivation, time, confidence, finance – the list is endless. Most people look at health and fitness regimes as a luxury and aren’t too keen on investing in it. If you get them to see the benefits by getting them started, there’s a good chance that they’ll stick around.

How do you get them started? Offers, offers and more offers. People love free stuff; offering a trial period proves to be a great kickoff for them to finally start somewhere. A free trial period breaks down the entry barrier and accelerates the process of gaining more potential customers! Here are some strong CTAs that you can use in your offer ads:

-Get Membership

-Sign Up For A Free Session

-Get A Free Workout

-Book A Demo Session

-Get A 1-week Trial


How big is the fitness market?

The fitness sector is one of those that have held their ground and sailed the harshest of water. While most industries struggled to stay steady, the fitness industry only saw an unstoppable rise, thanks to people suddenly prioritising their health and fitness goals amidst the pandemic and the consequent lockdowns.

According to a report on India’s Wellness Market recently published by Stratview Research, this sector is set to grow in double digits due to factors such as the internet boom, technology advancements and multiple modes to help people stay fit and healthy. The high market fragmentation has also prompted many investors to invest in the industry.

What is the target market for health and fitness?

In today’s day and age, fitness is on everyone’s mind, thanks to the coronavirus! The pandemic has got us all up and running to stay fit enough to fight the virus. That being said, there are certain demographics that top the list; for example – the women aged between 25 to 40. The working women are more health conscious today, showing that there still can be growth in the target market.

How do I advertise my new gym?

When it comes to promoting gyms and fitness centres, the avenues are endless. In a digital world, there are multiple social platforms and digital marketing strategies that can help your business flourish online. A large chunk of your potential audience is browsing on the Internet looking for the right health and fitness solutions. To not miss out on attracting them to your services, it’s best to let the digital experts weave effective, result-oriented strategies to help you best advertise your facility!

How can I promote my online fitness class?

Here are the top 5 ways of promoting your online fitness class:
-Leverage your current contact list. Reach out to the fitness enthusiasts from the list. Send out personalised messages to them.
-Create monthly schedules of your virtual classes and send it to your participants. Keep sending them updates, in case any.
-Create relevant content around your offerings via social media or blogs on your website, in case you have one.
-Promote your classes as much as you can on Social Media. Share positive customer experiences, glimpses of the virtual classes, immediate benefits, etc.
-Focus on creating contests like fitness challenges and offer rewards and discounts. This works like a charm, every single time!

How do I promote my fitness app?

Here are some of the strategies to best promotes your fitness app:
-Social Media Marketing
-Influencer Marketing
-Content Marketing
-Email Marketing
-In-app Messaging
-Push Notifications
-PR Articles

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