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The usage curve of ChatGPT is even faster than Netflix, Facebook, and Instagram. We know that AI tools are taking up our space. It makes one think about to what extent we can depend on it, and whether we should. So, let’s talk about it!

The global AI market is worth $136.6 billion at present, and it’s expected to grow to $1.81 trillion by 2030. According to Forbes, around 4 in 5 companies deem AI a priority in their business strategy.

That’s something we have been seeing for a long time, isn’t it? There are some upcoming AI tools like ChatGPT which are rumored to transform the content marketing scenario altogether. We know you are secretly curious about the pandora box of AI in content marketing, so let’s open the box and look at its contents.

What is AI technology?

AI or artificial intelligence is primitive in this century. It provides the ease of efficient problem-solving and decision-making skills, and helps to gather more data about prospects and customers for a business.

It’s a common assumption that artificial intelligence can be utilized only by businesses with capital to spend. For example, luxury brand Gucci has launched a virtual Gucci Garden tour – a digital replica of the actual museum in Italy.

But many upcoming AI tools like Pebblely, Longshot AI, ChatGPT, and Rytr are sustaining the needs of many small businesses. They focus on the needs of businesses with content creation and easily optimize a business’s marketing campaigns.

The importance of AI goes beyond this. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading!

What is the importance of Artificial Intelligence in content marketing?

For content marketers, AI’s usage goes beyond the need for customer acquisition. Digital marketing brands can efficiently utilize AI tools to enhance the productivity of their employees while providing top-notch content for their clients.

We all know about the importance of AI for data collection and subsequent development of chatbots, personalization, product recommendation, etc.

However, it is breaking digital marketing with its application for content generation as well (people are spending hours on AI tools like ChatGPT!) Due to their ease of providing content for articles, product descriptions, and small captions, many people are worried about losing their jobs. As we know, content marketing focuses on targeting the right audience and promoting a product or service.

Artificial Intelligence in content marketing is getting popular because it can work around the purpose of content marketing while understanding written language to save time and costs involved with producing an important segment of marketing campaigns.

AI writers usually use textual, statistical, or picture data as input, which is scanned by an algorithm, and then the content is produced based on style guidelines. AI algorithms can be also customized to create content conveying a specific tone, voice, or style. Isn’t that cool?

How can AI change content marketing?

This leads us to wonder how AI can change content marketing for businesses and agencies alike. AI or automated operations will surely lead to job losses, but at the same time, it also raises the question of whether it will completely replace humans or not. If we think about logical reasoning, AI, however advanced, cannot completely replace the job market.

What it will essentially do is switch the “traditional jobs” with lesser technological advances and turn them into “modern jobs”. A classical example is how traditional marketing was largely switched to digital marketing when the internet started being used extensively. However, traditional marketing hasn’t completely gone away.

Similarly, we can say that AI in content marketing with tools such as ChatGPT will enhance the services that digital marketers provide to their clients. However, this doesn’t mean that regulation isn’t required. Open AI platforms can be used to misuse misinformation – primarily as AI-generated content cannot think for itself.

But worry not, regulators have been discussing the degree of regulation and legal action needed for such open AI platforms. And we guarantee you, digital agencies like us (focus on ‘us’), take AI-generated content with a grain of salt, keeping in mind that at the end of the day, machines cannot replace humans.

To continue with our discussion, we can all agree that AI has lots of benefits as well, right? It aids in the operations of content marketing. So, let’s take a look at it further!

What are the benefits of AI in content marketing?

We aren’t lying when we say that AI is the new black in content marketing. Even if human expertise in content writing is far better than AI-generated content, one can’t argue it provides great assistance to writers.

1. Overcoming writer’s block

Writer’s block is very real despite the amazing content ideas that writers have. With AI, this hurdle can be passed quickly by getting content ideas, marketing angles, taglines, prompts, and whatnot.

2. Improving user experience

User experience for the basis of content marketing, analyzing data and statistics to know the needs of your target audience. Chatbots, personalization, and voice searches using AI help to increase the authenticity of your brand, conversions, time management, and cost savings!

3. Personalization and targeted content

Remember how we started with Netflix’s AI? According to Business Insider, Netflix’s recommendation technology is worth $1 billion in revenue annually. How amazing is that? Personalization like that of Netflix is one of the key strategies of content marketing, and AI rules this operation.

4. NLG and content optimization

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is used to produce written and spoken narratives from a given data set. It is used successfully in chatbots and voice assistants for personalizing customer email responses, summarizing news reports, and other small tasks to leave content experts for complicated pieces.

5. Generating small content

Yes, we are talking about platforms like ChatGPT which can easily be equipped with writing emails, product descriptions, college essays, and much more. Longshot AI is already saving small businesses a ton of money. ChatGPT is known to give intelligent answers which can be enhanced for your articles.

Artificial Intelligence in content marketing is proving to be more productive than ever with reduced time costs for marketers. Moreover, the AI industry is said to earn $126 billion a year by 2025.

Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a large-scale brand, there is no escaping the chains of AI technology. Even your best supporters, aka us, work with its brilliance.

Even though you might consider relying on applications like ChatGPT for your campaign designs, having a content specialist on board with you to make the best of AI in content marketing is always recommended. We’re here to keep you updated on everything new and happening while we can get you to be trending just like AI!

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