Google’s April 2023 Reviews Update: How You Can Use Reviews To Your Advantage

Googles April 2023 Reviews Update by BrightBrain

Whether you are a small business owner or a large one, you have surely been exposed to the April 2023 Google update. It is an update focused on emphasizing user experience and improving customer satisfaction by making sure that people get the most accurate and helpful information from their online reviews. This change has been long awaited by businesses and consumers alike, and we’re thrilled to share it with you. Read on to find out more about this exciting update, and how your business can benefit from it.

To start with, let’s understand why it was brought to action!

Why Was The Update Necessary?

The Google update has come about in response to an increasing emphasis on user experience from customers who are looking for reliable and trustworthy information. The aim is to help people make informed decisions about whether they want to use the products or services of a business, based on the experiences that previous customers have had. This is oh-so-important when it comes to reading reviews online, which has become an essential part of the decision-making process for practically everyone who has access to the internet!

Naturally, the effect will be two-fold. Google’s review update will also have a major impact on businesses that rely on positive online reviews to attract new customers (which, let’s admit it, is every business ever). It will also affect those that have a poor reputation online, who will need to work harder to improve their customer satisfaction levels to stay competitive. Before we touch upon how you can adjust your business strategy to work well with this update, let us first discuss what changes are exactly happening.

What Aspects Does The Update Cover?

The update is three-fold, with a focus on experience, authority, and timeliness.

Firstly, the update will put more emphasis on user experience when it comes to the ranking of reviews. Good reviews will be those that are most helpful to the user, rather than those that simply put a positive spin on a business’s products or services. This means that businesses will need to work harder to ensure that their customers have a great experience, rather than just trying to drum up positive reviews.

Next, Google is introducing a range of new measures aimed at identifying fake reviews. This means that businesses will need to focus on building genuine relationships with their customers, rather than trying to manipulate their online reputation by posting fake reviews or paying for them, a stronger authority to keep honesty at the forefront.

Finally, Google is making changes to the way that reviews are displayed, to make it easier for users to find the most relevant information. This means that businesses will need to ensure that their reviews are up-to-date and accurate and that they provide detailed information on their products and services.

Now that you know what the updates are, read on to find out how you, as a business owner, can use it to your advantage!

How The Update Is Relevant To Businesses.

A business’s success depends on its genuine relationships with customers. It is important to provide the best possible experience, and the feedback loop is significant in bridging the gap between customer expectation and business delivery.

That being said, read on for tips on how you can change your business strategy to use this update to help grow as a brand.

Set up an online reputation management strategy

As a business, you want to avoid negative reviews, of course. The best course of action is to monitor your online reviews, respond to any negative feedback, and encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews. It goes without saying, that the more reviews you have, the better you are promoted!

Clean up your website

Keeping your website up-to-date is a full-time job, but it brings the best results. Having detailed, accurate information is important to address any consumer concerns.

Get your reviews as soon as you can

Say, you have launched a new product. Send out a survey to customers after they have used the product for a few weeks to get their feedback. Use this feedback to improve the product. The reviews for the new product will rank high in Google search results and they help the small business attract more customers.


Overall, the Google review update is a positive step for businesses and consumers alike. By focusing on user experience and customer satisfaction, businesses can build stronger relationships with their customers, while consumers can trust that the reviews they read online are genuine and helpful. The key is to provide evidence of good experience, keep your reviews up to date, and work on the negative reviews. Of course, if you are focusing on your product, you will need industry leaders to help out on this front, and that’s we can help!

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