The Digital Advertising Contenders: Facebook, Google, and Bing

The Digital Advertising Contenders: Facebook, Google, And Bing By BrightBrain

Have you ever clicked on page 2 of Google? Or scrolled till the end of the first page? If you are a researcher, then probably yes. Otherwise, it is truly unbelievable.

If you don’t want to land on the second page of Google, then advertising is the way for you. Google’s economic impact mentions that companies investing in digital advertising earn an average ROI of $2 for every $1 spent.

Oh, we know you are brimming with curiosity. Keep on reading, as you’ll likely find the secrets to your universe a.k.a digital advertising!

Let’s read up more on these ads!

Oh c’mon, we know you aren’t a social recluse. You would likely have seen one or the other advertisements whenever you used Google, Bing, or Facebook.

But first, let’s understand PPC ad campaigns. After all, there’s no escape from ads as we progress into a more digitalized society.

Paid advertisements are a digital marketing strategy where companies pay their publisher each time someone clicks or views their ads in the search results, website, social media, or any other digital platform. There are two ways of going about it: either you just leave your ad for consumers to see, or you engage in the pay-per-click strategy.

Before you fall into the rabbit hole of building your digital advertising strategies, let’s take a look at the benefits of a PPC ads campaign!

What are the benefits of paid advertisements?

Trust the PPC expert, you need to have paid advertising strategies in place. Engaging in pay-per-click means that you’ll only pay if there’s some action taking place on the end of the customers to purchase your product.

Following are some key benefits of paid advertisement you should keep in mind before making your decision:

• Paid advertising platforms usually offer multiple versions of an advertisement that can be optimized based on audience interaction.

• Pay-per-click ads are affordable and measurable. You can create ads in a few minutes and keep a track of how successful the campaign is through analytics.

• With paid advertising, you can target a specific audience who might be interested in your brand and products.

• Partnership with search engines like Google Ads and Bing ads means you can broadcast your message across multiple channels.

• Paid advertising also helps in building ranking while you can focus on your organic search and delivery.

We can honestly go on and on about the benefits of PPC ad campaigns. Whether it’s retargeting or gathering more consumers from social media platforms – it can do everything. Ahem, we also wanted to give you some industrial gossip (it shall remain a secret between us ;)).

Choosing between different PPC ads campaign

Yes, it’s a very happening gossip – the competition among the top contenders for paid advertisements. They are also known as Google ads vs. Facebook ads vs. Bing ads.

According to Master Google, 47% of total global purchases are completed online. Furthermore, a study proclaimed that 75% of those surveyed said that paid ads make it easier to find what they need. So let’s take a look at why you need to keep them in your good books.

1. Google Ads

If we are being honest, Google is like the powerhouse you need energy from. At present, it is the biggest provider of search advertising in the market. With Google Ads, businesses earn on average $8 for every $1.60 they spend on the platform. Google’s smart technology is bound to help you to get better results while you focus on running your business. You shouldn’t sleep on this platform.

2. Bing Ads

Bing ads vs. google ads are what you are thinking, aren’t you? Both platforms are meant for search engine activities, so you need to make a wise decision. Google dominates in online reach, it has 91.9% of the market share. You’ll find that Bing Ads is cheaper than Google Ads, but in terms of performance, google ads fairs much better.

Economists say competition is important for efficiency and with Google you’ll get just that. Bing’s conversion rate is 2.94% while that of Google is 3.75%. However, we won’t ask you to forget Bing, it’s trailing close to Google. Both platforms are extremely valuable and you wouldn’t want to pitch them against each other for your digital advertising strategy.

3. E-commerce Facebook ads

Facebook is the OG platform without any doubt. From children to grandparents, everyone operates that social media channel. While the platform has maintained its reputation Facebook video ads have also emerged as an effective tool for companies.

The Meta Company allows you to place your video ads in-feed, in-stream, marketplace, stories, or video feed ads. Also, don’t fall on the bandwagon of Google ads vs. Facebook ads. Both platforms cater to different needs. One helps you to find new customers while the other one helps new customers find you.

Hence, before settling on a platform, you need to analyze which customer base you need to target. Whether it is paid advertisement, like Google ads and Bing ads, or it is paid social like Facebook, each platform should be used for maximum ROI and higher business growth.

We hope we haven’t burdened you with information. However, this is only the beginning. While you need to know the elementary difference between these three top contenders, it is equally necessary for you to know everything about it to better utilize these platforms.

Now we know, marketing isn’t for everyone. And that’s why we are here, your own PPC expert to help you along your journey of digital advertising.

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