7 Best festive campaign from this year’s holiday season

Festive Season Campaign

When was the last time you watched TV and thought an ad was a teaser for an upcoming show? We all have been there, haven’t we?

Whenever Hrithik Roshan said Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai, didn’t you want to do that stressful task you wanted to do or at least take a sip of Mountain Dew? While brand advertisements are always amazing, festive campaigns have a special place in our hearts.

From the consumer’s end, your ad evokes emotions in them and connects them with their loved ones. From the producer’s end, your holiday season greetings are bound to generate higher demand because they highlight the essence of a brand.

Here are some best festive campaigns from 2022 that made us pause, gave us amazing digital campaign ideas, and celebrated the joy of festivals!

1. Cadbury Celebrations – Support the hawkers near you | #SopsForShopless

Cadbury Celebrations again highlighted the importance of kindness and sharing, which transcends sharing chocolate with your loved ones.

Highlighting the importance of sustaining hawkers in this digitalized world, this festive campaign gave us the option to actually ‘trickle down’ our wealth in the economy. However much one likes to purchase from luxury brands, one shouldn’t forget the hawkers and their quality products.

2. OPPO India – A Boy Vs Potholes, this Diwali who will win?

Diwali is a celebration of joy, but what happens when you can’t move around places without the scare of injuries? Oppo’s holiday season campaign addressed the same idea, with a twist.

Artwork doesn’t always belong in galleries. Many walls on the road feature paintings to prevent people from spitting. Similarly, the boy made paintings to scratch the artist’s itch while addressing the problems of potholes in India!

3. HP – Iss Diwali, Thodi si Jagah Bana lo

Traditional artisans and local businesses need to be given the space they deserve to sell their products. Most often, complex urban norms don’t let them sell their products even after they travel vast distances.

However, HP let us know that any individual can make a space by saying – Iss Diwali, Thodi si Jagah Bana lo. Connecting with local businesses and using technology to solve real-world problems is HP’s message in their campaign. Furthermore, the brand also made space for local artisans during Diwali in their walk-in stores.

4. Sabhyata –Redefining Celebration

What’s better than reinforcing, on festivity, that women have a separate identity apart from their gender roles? Sabhyata takes a unique approach to their Diwali message – how a woman can embrace motherhood while retaining their identity.

At the same time, the brand lets the viewers know that women can take up leadership positions as well. This holiday season campaign sends a sweet message with a firm brand outlook.

5. JK Cement Ltd. – Tohfa Suraksha Ka

JK Cement’s festive campaign is not only about awareness, but also initiative. It’s about how people who provide us with safety, should also have safe working environments.

With their campaign, the brand wanted to address traffic management, the safety of traffic police, and gratitude towards those in uniform. True to its message, the brand also initiated the installation of 200 traffic police booths across six states in India.

6. Netflix – Cherrapunji ki Diwali

Festivities are meant to connect different people as Netflix does from its streaming services all across the world. In the same breath, people want to celebrate the festival, but what if they aren’t able to feel the joy of the season?

In their holiday season greetings Netflix emphasized how family togetherness outshines even unfavorable weather patterns, such as rainfall during Diwali. Now, which was the last movie or TV series you watched with your family?

7. CoWrks – Happy You Happy Diwali

Working is enjoyable, but it’s also stressful. More so if you don’t take necessary breaks once in a while. CoWrks, with their festive campaign, reminds people to take a step back once in a while.

CoWrks is a workplace solution provider, and true to their identity they address the importance of family time and taking a break. If you are reading this blog and you haven’t taken a break in a while, here’s your cue to take one!

Festive campaigns are important as they increase opportunities and provide space for brands to market their brand identity. They also help in building brand awareness, acquiring new customers, and retaining the old ones by reminding them why they chose you in the first place.

So for your next holiday season campaign, keep in mind some digital campaign ideas that we saw other brands practice: heartfelt messages, hashtags, and spreading joy. If you are confused about making a successful festive campaign, look no further as we’ll be your true knight in shining armor.

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