Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for IT Software Companies

IT Company Digital Marketing Campaign

As we are living and breathing in a digital world, it’s hard not to notice that technology is constantly evolving, and so are the ever-rising demands of tech-savvy consumers. IT companies, being the masters of innovation, brilliantly tackle this challenge by manufacturing futuristic products, every now and then. The next big challenge is introducing and selling these products to the right audience, at the right time, and via the right digital platforms – all to secure a bright future for them.

To spread awareness about these high-tech products and showcase them to the world in all their glory, proactive digital marketing for IT companies is a must! Here are some of the most effective ways of digital marketing for software companies-

Five best marketing strategies for IT companies

1. Know Your Audience

First things first – if you don’t know who you are selling to, you have lost half the battle. It’s important to conduct a thorough audience research before you decide on the software marketing ideas. And, this has to be a recurring activity – successful marketers are 242% more likely to perform audience research once per quarter or more. 56% of them conduct research on their audience every month. Identify who you’re selling to, understand their problems; only then will you be able to provide them with ideal solutions.

2. Content Marketing

Everyone loves technology, but not everyone is tech-savvy. Owing to the complex functionalities of certain tech products, there’s a lot of content that their companies can create around them. This is where content marketing for IT companies comes into play – curate insightful content that educates the audience on not just the products, but also the workings of the industry. Build blogs that highlight the purposes and features of your products. This is also a great opportunity for you to prove your worth as an industry expert; if they confide in you as an individual; they are more likely to invest in your company’s offerings.

3. Social Media Marketing

86% of consumers buying IT products use social media to help them make purchasing decisions. Social Media for tech companies is one of the most powerful, yet tricky strategies. Tricky how? It’s tempting to place your bets on all social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and such. Do not let this fear of missing out get in the way of data-driven decision making. Your audience research will help you figure out where the tech-loving crowd is. Focus more of your efforts and revenue on these platforms. Given that 63% of tech companies believe that LinkedIn is the most effective social media channel for the industry, this is where you may want to start. It has groups, and allows publishing and promoting updates.

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4. Video Marketing & Live Streaming

48% of marketers want to add YouTube to their marketing strategy. Why? Video is one of the rare mediums where you get ample room to educate your audience or sing praises of your products. These videos don’t always have to be cutting-edge. There are many easy-to-use apps and software that enable you to produce good-quality, engaging videos with minimum effort. Thanks to these, Video Marketing is no longer a high-budget strategy – talk about tech rescuing tech!

Live Streaming is another must-exploit strategy. 80% of customers now say that they’d rather watch a live video than read a company’s blog. Live streams featuring the product or providing more information on the same on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook Live can keep the audience hooked for longer.

5. Influencer Marketing & Customer Testimonials

65% of people discover a new brand or product through an influencer at least once a week. 54% of men that follow influencers follow gaming influencers, followed by tech influencers. Platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are crowded with influencers that have devoted followers, ready to buy what the internet celebs are selling. Get credible tech influencers onboard, get them to promote your products in a creative way, and watch the results of influencer marketing roll in.

72% of tech buyers will look to industry peers when making a purchase decision. It always helps the case when visitors come across other consumers talking about positive product experiences. The case studies and testimonials on your website can help convert visitors into loyal customers.

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