10 benefits of using Google Business for your local business

Benefits Of Using Google Business For Your Local Business By BrightBrain

Are you ready to prepare a drop-down list of all the features that Google has to offer? We already did that because there’s so much!

One of the best features has to be the local business guide. Hold up, you do know what we are talking about, right? Like, consumers are 70% more likely to actually visit your location if you are listed on Google My Business.

You have landed on the right page if you are clueless about this trajectory! Tighten your seatbelts as we introduce you to the world of Google business listings.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool that enables businesses to manage and optimize their business profiles on Google. Google holds 91.38% of the market share, making it essential for business listings.

But what is a business profile? A business profile is a term for your Google business listing that appears on Google Maps and the local results of Google Search. Creating a business profile requires a business name, location, and category.

Google My Business Dashboard

Screenshot of Google My Business dashboard showing overview and insights.

After you add your business to Google, it verifies whether there exists a duplicate and, once verified, lets your customers add photos, leave reviews, ask questions, and answer questions.

However, how is Google Maps important for businesses?

Bingo! You asked the right question. Google Maps helps people find your business apart from the features mentioned above. It aids in swift contact with your outlet and helps customers get an insight into your location and website. It also has a call button that lets people contact your business.

Google My Business Places

Display of various business locations listed on Google My Business

Talk about new leads and brand visibility. Google My Business gives you all! You still don’t believe us? No worries as we are about to strengthen our argument with the indisputable benefits of Google My Business 😉

What are the benefits of Google My Business?

Google My Business has various treats for its users. According to a survey conducted in 2019, the no. of searches containing “near me” has increased by 200%!

Once you add your business to Google, you’ll be met with a tide of benefits, including new lead generations and higher customer retention. Let’s take a look at all the advantages.

1. Boost your sales

Google is beneficial for customers to look up businesses. It’s seen that people who find a brand through Google My Business Listing are 50% more likely to make a purchase. Furthermore, with Google Maps, consumers can see your location and visit your store – increasing your chances to attain potential customers.

2. Build trust with customers

You need to build trust when consumers have so many options. Brands that are visible on Google are considered reputable by consumers almost three times. This is primarily because of the trustworthy environment that Google has built.

3. Increase your traffic

One of the hurdles you are likely to face includes getting quality website traffic and in-store visits. You can add your business to Google and see that showing up in local searches drastically improves traffic. Google My Business can pull up to 35% more clicks to your website!

4. Learn more about customers

Consumer insights are essential to improve your business and marketing strategies. Google My Business provides an Insights section that provides valuable analytics and shows your brand visibility, target customers, and their engagement with your business. So Google Local guide benefits not only affect brand visibility but also help to improve your marketing strategies.

5. Rank higher in search results

Google’s search results ranking is highly based on your business’s credibility and what it gauges about your business from available information. Google demands quality, consistent, and accurate information that you need to supply to attain equilibrium. With this, Google will be able to rank you higher on search engine and Google Maps results.

6. Why say no to free advertising

Google in general is a free advertising platform for your business unless you are engaging in paid advertising. Now, Google Ads requires you to set a budget, but adding your business profile to Google My Business only requires optimal SEO practices.

7. Display correct information

There’s no bigger turn-off than receiving the wrong information about a business. By having a business listing, you’ll provide relevant credentials about your business, and as a result, you’ll automatically see people getting curious about your business. You can learn more at Google My Business Support.

8. Engage with your customers

There’s no better marketing strategy than engaging with your customers. By responding to customer reviews on Google Maps or answering questions, you’ll provide valuable insights about your business to customers. Firms that respond to a minimum of 25% of reviews have an average of 35% more revenue.

9. A different sort of user-generated content

User-generated content helps a brand to gain relevancy, and by listing yourself on Google My Business, you’ll indirectly encourage its presence. As customers leave ratings, reviews, and pictures and answer questions, it will provide valuable insights to other consumers.

10. Get ahead of your competition

Google My Business provides a description that is likely to make you stand out from your competitors. Through it, consumers can easily identify your business and how you can help them. An effective description includes all the necessary info, relevant keywords, and authenticity.


You no longer need to ask yourself ‘What are the benefits of Google for my business’ as you’ll hardly find any negatives. Google has many features to offer and it’s up to the business to utilize them to their best.

If you haven’t added your business to the directory, literally now’s the time to do so. Don’t delay it anymore as you can update information when necessary. Go on, add yourself. Also, we are just a button away if you are still facing any difficulties!

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