Video Marketing – Using short format videos for your business

Video Marketing Strategy

Do you like to watch ads? Do you try out a product after watching its ad? Oh, blimey, don’t lie to yourself.

According to research, the global average for video consumption is 84 minutes per day. Isn’t that interesting? Furthermore, a report by Hubspot mentions that 36% of marketers report that short-form videos generate the largest ROI.

Internet usage has been increasing, and there is a constant need for visual consumption. Hence, engaging in video marketing is one of the best strategies that your business should engage in!

Before we tell you how you can do so, let’s understand a bit more about video marketing strategy!

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is something you have been encountering for quite some time now. It uses videos to promote and market a product or service and to increase engagement on a business’s social media channels.

Video marketing strategy tries to educate the consumers and customers and reach your audience with a new, engaging medium. There are many types of video marketing:

• Video banner ads and advertisements

• TV video ads

• Live video i.e., live streaming

• Sponsored Video

• Sponsored product placement

Brands usually prefer engaging in video marketing to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences. The craze of videos, of course, started with the launch of YouTube, which incorporated pre-roll video advertising, brand partner programs, and promoted content such as sponsored ads.

While the basics of why you should use video marketing lie in the widespread reach of videos through the internet and smartphones, there are many benefits associated with video marketing strategy. The following section gives you a brief about the same!

Benefits of video marketing for business

According to Statista, India’s ad spending is forecasted to reach $1.06 billion in 2023. Video marketing is not a new strategy, but it’s the most powerful strategy with which you can communicate your brand story and build relationships with your customers.

Video marketing benefits are unparalleled as compared to other marketing strategies because it incorporates new trends, nostalgia, sentiments, and strategies that consumers like. The benefits are as follows:

Social media engagement

Video marketing increases engagement on social media, especially through YouTube. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have also started focusing on videos.

Improving SEO and conversions

Video marketing strategy boosts conversions and improves SEO. Hubspot reports that 83% of video marketers mention that videos help them to generate leads.

Mobile user benefits

Mobile users prefer video consumption. A report by Statista revealed that 77% of those who were surveyed used a mobile or tablet to watch online videos.

Building brand awareness and trust

Video marketing helps in building trust and educating customers. Consumers prefer authentic videos and video service also gives them a personalized customer support experience.

Influencing buying decisions

Videos also aid in influencing buying decisions and increase web traffic on a brand’s platform. About 97% of marketers say that video helps users in their understanding of a product or service.

The benefits of video marketing for business are proven by many independent market researchers. Trust industry experts like us, take out that camera and develop a video marketing strategy.

Now you didn’t assume we will leave you here, right? Read on to find out how you can form the best video marketing strategy!

How to form a video marketing strategy

As much as realizing video marketing benefits is important for a brand like yours, understanding the types of Ad Targeting will also help you to make the best use of your video marketing strategy.

Here are a few pointers you should keep in mind while forming a video marketing strategy:

1. Understand your target audience

The first step to any strategy is to identify a particular audience you want to target with each video. For example, Saregama Carvaan specifically made videos to target the older generation, based on their song tastes.

2. Connect with stakeholders

When it comes to video making, you’ll need to ensure that all the players are aligned. This can be done by collecting their responses in one place. It will be also good to create a clear set of goals for yourself – what is the purpose of the video?

3. Timeline and budget

Short video formats are relatively easier to make. You’ll need fewer resources, but it might end up being expensive and time-consuming if you don’t create a proper timeline and budget for every step of the process.

4. Platform selection

Before you shoot videos, analyze the platform you’ll be distributing your video on. While YouTube is one of the platforms used the most, curating a list of video platforms will help you build a proper strategy.

5. Message

Your videos can’t go in vain. You need to know what message you are putting forth with your video. If you aren’t sure, look up different marketing videos for inspiration. Furthermore, prepare for any creative roadblocks that might arise by keeping your resources in mind.

6. Focus on Metrics

Before getting to production, you’ll need to define your video goals and the best metrics to figure out how your video strategy is performing over time. Make sure to choose key performance indicators that go with your video goals.

We hope you now have a basic idea of how to proceed with making short-form videos for your brand. Make sure your video marketing isn’t compulsive but well thought out, to get the best results out of it.

We know that forming strategies and then acting on them is not an easy feat. But guess what? You don’t have to build a video marketing strategy alone! We’ll assist you on each step to help you figure out your goals and video production.

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