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The world that we live in is highly digitalized. Consumers love to review the company from which they buy a product beforehand, to ensure the credibility and worthiness of their purchase.

In an online, fast-paced world, you need to build your reputation through digital networks.

Did you know?
In the UK, 65% of businesses accelerated their digital marketing during the pandemic. In India as well, digital marketing is growing rapidly. India ranks second in the world on the internet.

Are you wondering where we’re headed with this? Well, we want you to know that you need to up your digital marketing game so you can be at the top of the competition.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

The best way you can make better use of digital marketing is by hiring a digital marketing agency in India, which specializes in all things related to content and digital marketing.

Content plays a very important role here because it answers your potential customer’s questions, builds trust, develops relationships, and assists in lead generation. It conveys professional and promotional messages to the audience, who then choose to engage with the brand.

Similarly, digital marketing is important because it connects with customers when they are online through SEO and PPC on Google. Or through social media and email marketing. Statistics back the importance of having a digital marketing agency.

Fun Fact: Of all online shoppers, 64% claim that social media helps them make a buying decision. Also, 57% of mobile users mention that they will not recommend businesses with unresponsive or poorly designed websites.

Which is why you need industrial experts (like us), who are proficient in understanding the digital game, to assist you with developing your brand value. The pool of options can get confusing, so let’s help you through the process!

How to find the right digital marketing agency for your business?

There are multiple digital marketing agencies in India, so you would be wondering which one to choose, right? Before choosing an agency, you need to check whether they meet your requirements. You can make a list, and check off the following points when you are looking for a digital marketing agency:

• Meeting your needs and budget.

• Whether they provide full transparency of their work or not.

• To what extent they keep your company’s specific needs in mind (i.e., all your needs).

• Whether they acknowledge your goals and desired outcomes.

Before settling for a specific agency, review your goals, specifications, budget. Take as much time as you can, as you would want to choose an agency for a long term partnership. Let’s look at some of the best digital marketing agencies in India that can help you meet your potential growth.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Agencies in India

1. Bright Brain

If you are here, you know we don’t fool around. Bright Brain is one of the top digital marketing agencies in India. We started our agency in 2009 and were selected as a Google Elevator Partner in 2019. Now, in 2022 we’re one of Google’s International Growth Partners. With a team of 60+ experts spanning 7 countries, we offer creative campaigns that resonate with your target audience on messaging and creativity.

The services we offer include:

• Digital advertising campaign

• Search engine optimization

• Search engine marketing

• Social media marketing

• Web development

• Online Branding

• Content Marketing

• Campaign conceptualization

Having worked with top brands like ATLAS Skilltech University, Force Motors, Kalpataru, Ruby’s Organics, Society Tea and many others, we believe in adding value to our clients and helping them achieve their business goals.

Worried about engagement, web traffic, online presence, and brand visibility? If yes, don’t worry we got you covered with the best strategies!

2. iProspect

iProspect is the marketing agency of the group Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) and provides services of content, data, and technology. They provide business intelligence, strategy and planning, and marketing activation.

They offer the following services:

• Conversion rate optimization

• PPC paid search

• Organic search – SEO

• Affiliate marketing

• Paid social

• Commerce

• Programmatic

They drive audience engagement and business growth through cross-channel capabilities. Spread across the world, they are one of the trusted digital marketing agencies in India.

3. Webchutney

Webchutney is another marketing agency of the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) which also blends technology and creativity.

Its services include:

• Website Design

• Mobile Marketing

• Social Media Marketing

• Online Advertising

• Communications Design

• Media Buying

Assisted by many experts, Webchutney, like iProspect, works in the interests of businesses and tries to provide them with effective solutions.

4. Gozoop

Gozoop is another digital marketing agency in India, specializing in the area of digital marketing. Established in 2008, it offers the following services:

• Content Marketing

• Design

• Technology

• SEO and Performance Marketing

• Data and Insights

They believe in connecting customers with a business in the best possible way. Having assisted many brands, they believe in providing top services to their clients.

5. Growth Hackers Digital

Growth Hackers Digital is obsessed with ROI, Targeted Acquisition, Retention, and brand building. They assist startups and established brands alike and offer them:


• Meta Ads

• WordPress Development

• Content Marketing

• LinkedIn Ads

• Google Ads

Working with traffic, branding, conversion, and retention, Growth Hackers Digital like to assist their clients with the best marketing strategies.

As highlighted in the article, hiring a digital marketing agency is always a worthy addition to your business strategy as they can help you with promised results and successful conversion. Agencies like us always put our clients and their needs forward, so that you can focus on other aspects of your business without any stress.

Suhail Bajaj

Suhail Bajaj is the CEO of BrightBrain Marketing Technologies LLP that has now grown into a full-fledged digital marketing agency with 55+ employees and clients from 7+ countries – all under his supervision. Graduated with an MBA from the esteemed Cass Business School, he brilliantly puts his learnings into practice, helping brands meet their business goals and succeed in a digital-first world.

Suhail Bajaj

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