How to market on LinkedIn in 2022: A step-by-step guide

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Did you ever have a LinkedIn phase where you spent hours on the platform? Be it updating your portfolio, building connections, or following companies.

If you aren’t familiar with LinkedIn, it is the largest professional network on the internet. As of July 2022, LinkedIn has at least 849.6 million members around the world. The purpose and reach of LinkedIn make it a remarkable platform to market your business.

Are you wondering how to go about marketing your business on LinkedIn? Then you’re at the right place!

What is LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn helps you build your professional network. Hence, to understand LinkedIn marketing you need to look at it through the lens of expanding professional networks. LinkedIn marketing is the process of using the LinkedIn platform to build connections, generate leads, foster business relationships, share content, improve brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website.

As a business professional, creating a company page will help you to give a professional face to your company. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, LinkedIn is a good platform to help you with market research, thought leadership, and building a trustworthy community.

LinkedIn, established in 2003, enables people to connect and share content with their colleagues, potential employers, business partners, competitors, and customers. See? It will help you get in touch with all the necessary players for your business.

Why should you employ digital marketing on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn marketing strategy has multiple benefits. First of all, it makes people know about your presence. Having an account on LinkedIn will make your business look authentic, and gain the trust of potential consumers.

The advantages of the LinkedIn marketing strategy for your business include:

• Gaining Trust

– Showing accomplishments on your LinkedIn profile builds a feeling of trust in the viewers.

• Lead generation

– By gaining trust and covering better ground on one platform, results in significant lead generation.

• Target promotions

– LinkedIn can enable you to target specific groups of people and helps in drawing traffic towards the campaign.

• Engagement leads

– LinkedIn marketing is focused on acting like a business news feed. Using certain hashtags and a LinkedIn marketing strategy based on trends will lead to higher profitability of your campaign.

Using LinkedIn marketing campaigns by professionals like us will help you establish an organic presence on your business fronts. This includes marketing through funnels, using ads strategically, being active on your platform, and much more. Let’s look at various ways through which you can do marketing on LinkedIn!

How to market your business on LinkedIn?

Did you know that LinkedIn accounts for 46% of all social traffic to B2B websites? Furthermore, 4 out of 5 LinkedIn members usually drive business decisions!

To begin marketing on LinkedIn, it’s essential for you to build a company profile on LinkedIn, one which will attract people. Customizing your public profile URL, adding a LinkedIn background photo to your profile, updating sections of your profile, optimizing your LinkedIn profile for search engines, and being identifiable will help you with that.

Here are some pointers for you to develop a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy that will boost your presence among potential consumers and businesses:

• LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has a provision to provide all kinds of ads for the marketing strategy of a business. These include sponsored messaging, dynamic ads, text ads, and boosting your content along all the devices. You should definitely make the best use of it!

• LinkedIn Groups

On LinkedIn, you can create your own LinkedIn group and communicate with professionals exhibiting the same interests as yours. With a LinkedIn group, you’ll be able to get in touch with people who are outside your network, helping you to build business relationships.

• Use LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn has a feature called endorsements, with which you can endorse the skills of your employees who work closest to you. This will show your support, help refer them for other work, and make their profiles more impressive. As a brand, it shows your care and commitment to your employees.

• Use Open profile

Sending a personalized message is always recommended to make new connections with potential partners, customers, and other industry leaders. You can have a premium account on LinkedIn, be a part of the open profile, and send messages to LinkedIn members regardless of their membership type.

• Customize your connections

LinkedIn has successful features to help you build your professional network and make valuable connections. You can add and remove valuable connections, make them visible only to selected people, and sync them with contacts from your email or other sources across the brand.

Other aspects include sharing your LinkedIn status updates on other social media networks and using saved searches. You can also use LinkedIn’s PPC ads (i.e., pay-per-click) which will help you to target specific job titles, job functions, industries, or company sizes. Further, adding a LinkedIn page follow button on your website will help you to build your LinkedIn presence.

We cannot wait to see how LinkedIn’s professional network keeps on improving and makes itself a primary source for marketers, job seekers, and other professionals. Strategizing content on LinkedIn requires expertise, and professionals like us can help you build your profile!

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