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Google Maps has brought on a brand new feature where they are relying more on visual content. With its latest search update, Google Maps pops photos of what we search. This could be venues, food at eateries and other specialties of the location. This provides images in the search results and gives the user a better experience. Pictures help users make informed decisions. This way, you are not just relying on written content, but are also taking a look at the reality of a place.

Users not only get visual context but also a good sense of the ambience and facilities as well as the overall atmosphere of the space. It makes life easy for travellers and everyday visits to cafes, pubs, sporting venues, etc.. This is especially important today, when, for example, people don’t just visit a cafe for its food, but also its ambience, as they wish to spend a good time there, eating, as well as socialising.

Let’s take a closer look at this.


5 Reasons Photos Search in Google Maps Is a Boon


Makes Google Maps more User-friendly

Users can now narrow down their choices instantly based on the visual options available. This photo search in Google makes it easier for users to find the best suitable place in one set of search results and avoids multiple searches and other hassle.


Better Promotion for Businesses

Photographic search results also help businesses by showing users who and what they really are, directly, through a single or few photos. This is another effective way for businesses to sell their space/product/service. Instead of investing in longer written copies that few will read, they can now provide a single-glance selling point. Cafes, for instance, can advertise their food and ambiance, scenic locations can have their best shot in the forefront, and a bowling alley can have not just its games arena, but can also include its atmosphere or ‘vibe’.


User-generated Content

A lot of these photos are also uploaded by users. The content comes straight from users and goes straight to users. This adds authenticity and credibility to the search results on Google Maps. This suits the businesses, keeping them in check and making them better for their customers. It suits the users as it gives them honest reviews. And it also helps the Google Maps business as users trust them more with such content.


Accurate Results

As mentioned above, with user-generated content, the search results are mostly up-to-date and accurate. Customers keep uploading photos about their experience on the particular business’s Google Maps page and keep other users informed about the latest additions or changes to the location and its amenities. This solves a major problem that usually arises with photos – outdated photo content misleading users and potential customers.


Users can Make Better Plans

Say you have a day planned in a new city as a tourist. You have a few sightseeing points, a couple of eateries, and a scenic place in mind. Many times, Google search results will give multiple options for each of the above three kinds of visits, leaving the user more confused than ready. It takes a lot of time to navigate through all these options, reading up on their pages. As mentioned right in the beginning, this latest Google update comes down to this – easy and faster decisions.

With photo guides, our minds make instant decisions. With one look, it is possible to get the best idea about the place. This makes smaller decisions and bigger plans, both, easier. Now, with this, planning a whole day out is way more convenient.



Google Maps and Google in general keep coming up with new updates that benefit both, the user and the business. With this photo search Google update, users receive more accurate and apt search results. Users can now see the location and decide at a glance whether it appeals to them or not. If you are a business, this latest Google update is something you can make the most of by updating accurate and attractive photos. Make sure to use this to its fullest potential to attract a larger customer base. Transparency is key, however, to keep this customer base loyal.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the photo search Google Maps search result update?

• Google Maps has added a visual-based update to their search results. This allows users to find places accompanied by their photos. They can now make a more informed decision with photos available to them.

How can an outdated design impact my website’s performance?

• An outdated design can result in decreased user engagement, higher bounce rates, and lower search engine rankings, ultimately affecting your site’s visibility and traffic. Which is why revamping your website is necessary.

2. Is Google Maps search result update useful for businesses?

• Absolutely, yes. Whether a cafe, a hotel, a scenic location, an activity hub, or something unique, your business needs to have its photo(s) available to your online users. Today, with so many visuals available, that’s the fastest way to make a decision. A business with a photo is much more likely to be trusted than one without.

3. How to add a photo to Google Maps search results?

• Google Maps allows users to upload images that pop up in the search results. It is very easy to do this. You can simply add a photo from your gallery and tag the location on Maps.

4. Are photos on Google Maps search results accurate?

• Most photos on this latest Google update are uploaded by other users. Such user-generated content maintains accuracy. Users upload photos from their recent personal experiences, which gives other users accurate and up-to-date information.

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