What are Google Featured Snippets? How to get your content to appear on it

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Do you open your Google browser, type in a question, and quickly get an answer? Without having to even open the full article.

Thats’ Google Featured Snippets for you! These featured snippets usually answer a searcher’s query, in brief, to enhance a user’s experience. It lets the user skim through the snippet to get a crisp answer to their question.

Are you curious about how it functions? Read on while we explain what are featured snippets and how you can make use of them!

What are Google-Featured Snippets?

Google snippet’s idea is pretty simple. Google featured snippet is a short excerpt of text that appears at the top of Google’s search results. It appears before the first result for a user’s query as “Position #0”.

Google featured snippet

Google doesn’t create these featured snippets. It pulls content from a webpage found in its index. Yes, Google is pretty cool like that. It analyzes the query you put in the search engine and attempts to connect the result with user intent, thus picking up the best excerpt it can make up from existing content to aid the user experience.

You would be wondering what’s in it for a business like yours, aren’t you? Well, Google forms a featured snippet based on an existing website so naturally, that website can be yours!

Featured snippets also contain a link to the website they come from, and they directly increase traffic to a website. So, let’s quickly see why Google-featured snippets are necessary!

Importance of Google Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are the easiest way you can get more clicks from organic search results and it also increases the number of “no-click searches”. They grab a viewer’s attention quickly and the odds of them visiting your website also increase (yes, remember your econometrics classes?).

Did you know?

A featured snippet gets approximately 8% of all clicks while 19.6% of clicks go to the “natural” search result. Furthermore, a study by EngineScout found that people click on featured snippets because they find them more informative.

Google Featured snippets are important because they provide the following benefits:

• Improving click-through rate

• Generating higher brand awareness

• Increasing the credibility of your business

• Brings in the certainty that a user will want to make a purchase

• Indicates that your content is informative and well-organized.

Hence, by incorporating Snippets in SEO, you won’t have to worry about search engine ranking. There are many types of featured snippets, which are discussed below!

Types of Featured Snippets

The types of featured snippets vary depending on what sort of information a user is searching for. So, it becomes crucial for you to understand which type of snippet will fit your topic the best based on which you can organize your content.

Following are the sort of snippets in SEO that you can pay attention to while organizing your content:

1. Definitions

They provide the users with a brief and practical definition, giving information about a topic. For example, it comes in handy when students are finding definitions around a certain topic. It commonly answers questions starting from “what is”.

Definition featured snippet

2. Table

These snippets usually pull data from a page and visualize them in a table format to facilitate comparison.

Table featured snippet

3. List

Here, the items are presented in a specific order, indicating steps for a process or identifying different products. It can be ranked by numbers or ranked by bullet points, being segregated into ordered and unordered lists.

List featured snippet

If you are active on YouTube, then you can also try to rank your videos. The odds that your video will get featured are likely to increase if you answer “how to” questions.

Aren’t you finding this whole thing super interesting? So don’t delay this process any longer and find out how you can get featured snippets!

How to get Featured Snippets?

Now, getting featured snippets is not guaranteed because Google’s algorithm consistently evaluates snippets to see which one provides the best response to user queries. But you should still optimize and target your content in a way that increases your chances of being chosen!

• Find SERPs with featured snippets. Finding the right keywords is necessary for you to understand what will make your content get featured.

• Write concise and objective content, i.e., make sure your content is high-quality and to the point. Using complicated speech might sound fancy, but it can confuse the readers and will only hurt your chances.

• Include structured data on your page. Let’s say you are talking about user-generated content. So start with giving a brief about what it is, then talk about its importance and proceed further in the same manner.

• Use effective headings and subheadings to format your content efficiently and provide direct answers to the users.

Even if getting your content for featured snippets is not guaranteed, you should still format your content in an organized manner. It will only increase the likelihood of you performing better for organic searches.

So, what do you think about Google featured snippets? Aren’t they super cool?

We know that with everything on your plate, it might be difficult for you to organize and arrange your content effectively. But don’t worry because we are your knight in shining armor to help you with organic searches and Snippets in SEO!

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