Digital Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Business

Digital Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Business By BrightBrain

When was the last time you went to 99 Acres to browse listing prices and house options? Do you regularly get emails about housing options? If you do, then right there is the brilliance of digital marketing strategies!

About 51% of home buyers found their current home through the Internet. The rest is divided between agents, family, print advertising, and other information channels. Furthermore, 80% of buyers value photos on real estate websites when browsing options.

Digital marketing is no new game to expand one’s business, and if you are working in the real estate, you surely cannot miss it. With this blog, we’ll prove it to you, so keep reading.

Why does real estate need digital marketing?

Whether it is a search or an experience good, today advertising is needed for every product to spread information and promote one’s business. Over 41% of buyers look online for properties as their first step in property buying.

Real estate advertising is important because digital channels such as websites, social media, and email marketing help businesses communicate with potential buyers. The presence of a website makes a difference as it showcases properties, services, and relevant information that aids in consumer purchase decisions. Oh, and the story doesn’t end here. Digital marketing provides credibility and creates awareness about your brand, generating new leads.

Oh, don’t squint your eyes. Scroll down and you’ll be welcomed to all the benefits of digital marketing for real estate!

What are the benefits of digital marketing for real estate?

Did you know?

About 90% of the agents use Facebook to promote real estate listings! Furthermore, real estate businesses get their quality leads from social media, CRM, and MLS sites.

Gone are the days when a person will ask their friend for the contact of a real estate agent. Some people still do that, but there’s no denying that the first step is to browse the internet. Whether it is to see prices or potential leads, the presence of the Internet makes home buying much easier.

Following are some of the benefits of real estate digital marketing that you surely cannot miss!

• Cost-saving – yes, digital marketing is much better than print advertising in terms of cost budgeting. It also has better retention and facilitates better relationship building!

• Better exposure – real estate advertising on digital channels will help you reach out to a larger audience group.

• Customer retention – as mentioned, digital technology like chatbots, website presence, automated replies, higher transparency, etc., will enhance customer retention!

• Analysis – investment always needs to be backed by analysis, and digital marketing makes it much easier to do so. With digital real estate ads, you’ll be able to track your performance and make Pareto Optimal decisions!

According to a report, the average open rate for real estate emails in 2022 was 21.7%! And the average click-through rate was 3.6%. So if you were still doubting us, here’s your cue to invest in digital marketing strategies for real estate.

What are some digital marketing strategies for real estate?

The catch with digital marketing is to be innovative. Creative real estate advertising will you help you reach that customer base you always seemed to be missing.

So before investing in digital marketing, you need to plan out your strategy systematically. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place for guidance! Digital marketing in 2023 is going to be big, and by following these strategies, you’ll be able to be on top of your game.

1. Develop your website

If you don’t already have a website for your business, now’s the time to create it. People equally use desktops and mobile phones to view real estate websites, so you need to optimize your site according to both interfaces. Mention your process, add links to moving-related services, and display your property.

2. Create a social media marketing plan

Now, uploading stuff on Facebook for your business is a good strategy, but don’t stop there. You need to have a packed social media marketing campaign to get desired results. Put in the listings, biographies, case studies, or any sort of user-generated content. Also, make sure to be consistent with your postings. It’s all about effort.

3. Provide Virtual Tours

Like, why should only ChatGPT be the talk of the town? Your virtual tours should be too! Video content provides 1200% more shares than text and images. Not to mention, that your client will get a chance to view the property before purchasing and you would be making work easier for them!

4. Build your SEO practices

Digital marketing for real estate is incomplete without search engine optimization. Be it adding backlinks, adding keywords, engaging in pay-per-click advertising, uploading regular content, and much more, you NEED to do it. The best part about it is that it will rank you higher on the search engine pages and you’ll get higher views and brand recognition from this!

We know the whole digital marketing strategy optimization can be stressful, but don’t give up. Real estate digital marketing has proven to have amazing results, and we would want you to have the best strategies at your disposal.

Be it brand awareness, lead generation, effective targeting, increased engagement, or attaining lower costs, you can get everything with digital marketing. Oh, and we are one click away, always, if you want to develop a plan. After all, expert advice is always the best one 😉

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