Brands breaking stereotypes

brands challenging stereotypes.

Knock, knock, are you looking for brand campaign ideas? If yes, welcome aboard.

We know how crucial it is to form a marketing campaign that balances promotion and value. But do you know what ads steal away customers’ hearts? The ones that break stereotypes left and right while telling consumers why they should choose you.

Let’s begin by looking at some awesome brand campaign ideas. Are y’all aboard the ship? Aye, aye captain.

Brand campaign ideas

A marketing campaign should be a perfect mix of ads, videos, photos, blog posts, and copywriting. They help to boost brand awareness, launch a new product, improve customer engagement, and drive sales.

If you are like us, you would remember Nirma with ‘Doodh si safedi’ and Ghari detergent with ‘Pehle istemal kare phir vishwas kare’ (yes, it’s FOMO time if you do not recall what we are talking about).

Now, what common characteristic do you recognize in these jingles? That they are unique. Marketing campaigns have to have a YOU vibe, something that customers can easily associate you with. For example, both products fall into a similar consumption basket, but their identity is unique.

So, how do we design a successful marketing campaign?

Oh Achilles, chill out. The success of a campaign depends on how well you have executed the plan while targeting the right audience. We can help you figure out the technicalities when you partner up with us, but before that, note down these campaign ideas you can work around!

• Create an educational campaign to drive sales and raise awareness. With such blog posts, videos, and further content, you’ll be able to build your brand image and sell to your audience.

• Engage in a contest or giveaway. Whether it is millennials or GenZ, everyone likes to participate in contests and giveaways.

• Pay more attention to the user-generated content campaigns. Yes, we are talking about viral hashtags like “Shot on iPhone” or “Share a Coke”. We know you got this.

• Create hype around your product launches. Entice your customers all you want, this is your chance to have fun.

• Collaborate with influencers to raise brand awareness. Our Instagram blew up during the #BeYourOwnBoss marketing campaign by Hugo Boss where celebrities posed with their youth portraits!

Creative marketing campaigns like these never fail to attract customers. Combining these ideas and making your way through them with time will make sure your customers don’t part from you in the long run.

But, despite all these campaigns, one of our favorite genres is when brands break the stereotype. However commonly stereotyped it is, we love it when brands incorporate educational and important messages in their campaigns. Shall we take a look at some ad example campaigns?

Brands breaking stereotypes: examples for you

Consumers love it when they see that a brand is true to being inclusive of all. Even opposing set stereotypes, through effective campaigns, can add numbers to your loyal customers. Here are some brands that moved away from stereotype ads and worked towards breaking the stereotypes!

Prega News #SheIsImperfectlyPerfect

Mothers are usually subjected to a scrutiny lens, forcing them to always be perfect in everything they do. This campaign by Prega News was launched on Mother’s Day with the hopes that people learn to embrace the imperfection of a mother who is always doing the best for her child. After all, a mother is also a human even if all mums are superwomen

Mohey’s Kanyamaan

Yes, it’s kanyamaan and not kanyadaan as per Mohey’s. The campaign, starring Alia Bhatt, relooked at this religious practice which is another byproduct of patriarchy. The brand wanted to promote a more inclusive and equal space for women in marriage and life.

Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad campaign

This iconic movement started by Ariel hoped to address the unequal expectations that are unkindly bestowed upon men and women, starting at a young age. What’s better than an expert company giving people a reality check about stereotypes and the division of household chores?

Boondh cups Ungender Menstruation

It’s very important to make menstruation gender-inclusive because it isn’t only cis women who menstruate. The brand with its #Ungender Menstruation campaign aims to bring feminized language around menstruation to the fore. The campaign featured three menstruators who acknowledged their stories and struggles.

Trust us, it was very difficult for us to choose only four campaigns amongst so many brands breaking stereotypes. Such brand campaigns are truly one of the best ways of coming to the forefront of the game of digital marketing while reiterating your brand values to the consumer.


Aren’t you inspired by these campaigns? We haven’t forgotten Dove’s, Cadbury’s, or Saffola’s campaigns. Brands are realizing that they have the market set to make a difference, and are using this platform for this. Now, we know you need a master plan to make such successful campaigns, but you don’t have to worry about it. We are one message away.

Next time you watch a campaign going viral, pay attention to some details: Is it unique? Are they breaking stereotypes? Have they collaborated with influencers and celebrities? Are they creating hype among the customers?

The answer will be a yes.

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