Best WordPress chatbot or Live chat plugins for the website in 2023

Wordpress Chatbot Vs Live Chat Plugin By BrightBrain

Do you still get surprised when you end up talking to a robot on the phone? We do! Voice chatbots with a pre-recorded conversation script are too common. You would notice it with any well-known business, it’s their way of ensuring their employees are catering to more urgent tasks.

Chatbots are, in general, necessary for a business and its website to segregate tasks and look after a customer’s needs. In this article, we’ll be breaking down why you need chatbots and which ones you should use. So go, get your notepad!

What is a chatbot plugin for WordPress?

A chatbot is a program that can chat with users on a website. It stimulates conversations by sending automatic messages and offering decision buttons. Some chatbots are good at recognizing the intent of users’ messages and offer predefined replies.

We love chat plugins in WordPress because they enable faster replies, 24/7 support, better user experiences, and enhanced customer interactions, and a useful investment to have for one’s business.

Did you know?

Over 1.4 billion customers have already used a chatbot! Also, about 40% of customers prefer digital AI assistants as a form of customer service. Developers invest their knowledge of advanced machine learning algorithms and user conversation data to train AI chatbots. This ensures that you don’t inadvertently end up punching your devices over their incompetence.

However, jokes aside, the chatbot plugin for WordPress is a must-have because it has tremendous benefits. Curious? Let’s take a look at them!

What are the benefits of chatbot plugins?

Before we give you tea about the best WordPress chatbots, let’s take a look at why chatbots are beneficial.

Customer service for the win

Did you know? Chatbots can answer up to 80% of common consumer questions, thereby saving 30% of your expenditure due to low maintenance.

Makes employee routine more efficient

Chatbots can reduce low-end and repetitive tasks by a whopping 20%! Hence, WordPress chatbots can improve the productivity of your agents drastically.

Easier for customers to research products

Now, what can be more important than product research for a customer than the actual act of buying a product? Nothing. According to the EMACS Journal Survey, over 92% of millennial customers use chatbots to get product details.

Improves customer engagement

Chatbots are virtual assistants for your clients. They improve customer engagement by making the whole experience more personalized and interactive.

WordPress is famous for its site-building features, but at the same time, it’s pretty friendly to plugins. We have analyzed, in the following section, the best chatbot WordPress to use for your website. Save your time and just go over these select plugins to see what suits you best!

Best WordPress chatbots for your website!

Release the breath you’ve been holding, it’s time for the great reveal. Following are some of the best WordPress chatbots for your website that you MUST add when you update your website next.

1. Tidio

The users of this chatbot have described it as easy to use with free, simple templates for lead generation and customer support. It has a free plan available if you want to just try it out. Furthermore, it has a simple bot creator software to create industry-specific chatbots. Isn’t that sweet?

2. My Chatbot

This WordPress Chatbot integrates with Google Dialog Flow, which provides natural language processing (NPL) and machine learning capabilities, promoting the chatbot’s ability to understand messages that users send. It has diverse options for videos, images, answer cards, and quick replies with plugin customization.

3. Join.Chat

Imagine your power if you have access to a Whatsapp WordPress chatbot plugin. Join.Chat has a chatting plugin, called Svachat, that can answer FAQs related to your product and business. This chatbot comes as an add-on with pre-written questions and answers for conversation. Users are easily able to reply with numbers to indicate their selection of answers.

4. Chatbot with IBM Watson

This chatbot WordPress plugin uses IBM’s famous Watson Assistant technology to create and utilize virtual assistants with artificial intelligence. It contains clickable responses along with multimedia, rich customization, and language recognition capabilities. However, you need to be like Yoda and be patient with this plugin as it requires a bit of initial training.

5. WP-Chatbot for Messenger by Mobile Monkey

One of the best WordPress chatbot plugins, this chatbot has over 10,000 active installations. After a quick setup, the plugin gives you an inbox to receive customer messages from a Facebook page and the website chatbot widget. It’s very easy for you to share marketing messages and answer FAQs with this chatbot WordPress to reach more customers.

See, won’t a WordPress chat bot plugin make your life easier? It definitely will!

These plugins are not only good for your employees and catering to your customer’s needs, but they will help you to provide active customer support, and lead generation, and save money on uncompetitive tasks.

Nope, don’t be stressed. Geniuses like yours truly can help you out with this technology in a swish. After all, we are only one click away 😉

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