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Hold up. Amazon SEO? Isn’t it just a platform where I can list my products? Are there strategies to optimize amazon listing as well?

We can almost hear you thinking about all these questions, and the answer is yes. Amazon SEO is one of the tools you need to master. It will help you drive traffic to your product listing, increase product and brand visibility, and boost conversion rates.

Beware, we are putting on our SEO nerd hats. Get your notebook and pen as we dive into the process of Amazon listing optimization!

What is Amazon SEO?

Let’s start with a brief first. Amazon search engine optimization helps you to optimize product listings, helping them to rank higher in product searches on the Amazon website, one of the largest e-commerce sellers.

Amazon has many sellers, and it gets tricky for customers to identify your brand. Amazon SEO will be able to solve your problems with less traffic and sales to your website and products. Amazon listing optimization works by using keywords, uploading high-quality photos of your products, and setting competitive prices, among other things.

There are specific ways to improve your listing, but let’s start with understanding how to optimize Amazon listings.

Understanding Amazon Listing Optimization

Before you start understanding the SEO for Amazon, you should check out different selling plans and categories on Amazon. Amazon’s advertising requirements will give you an idea about ad solutions. Of course, you can rely on industry experts like us for that as well!

Did you know?

A study by Feedvisor in 2019 mentioned that 45% of Amazon consumers don’t advance to the second page of search results. Yes, Amazon listing optimization is important.

Amazon’s algorithm focuses on three important factors which you should keep in mind:

1. Conversion rate:

This includes factors like reviews, image quality, and prices. Competitive prices are very necessary to maintain a good Amazon conversion rate.

• Click-Through rate – It tells Amazon how much has the listing earned for past queries.

• Conversion Rate – Higher conversion rate will signal Amazon to show your product to its customers.

• Product Price – A customer will not pay for your product, if they can get it at a cheaper price, signaling your conversion rate.

• Product Image – Amazon listing optimization will work well if your product’s high quality-image can appeal to customers.

2. Relevancy:

These factors tell the algorithm when to consider our product page for a search result. To rank higher, your products need to be relevant. These factors include:

• Product Title – The title includes the most relevant keywords.

• Seller Name – The name includes relevant keywords.

• Keywords – Letting Amazon know what your product is and which search queries your listing should appear for.

• Brand Name – Make sure to list your name the same way for each product.

• Product Description – Aim to include all the relevant details, including keywords.

3. Customer satisfaction and retention:

Like user-generated content in SEO practice, Amazon seller feedback, and other factors pointing at positive seller feedback aids in customer retention. SEO for Amazon factors review count to judge your performance.

When you are deciding to optimize Amazon listings, don’t forget to take these factors into account. Now, let’s look at various ways through which you can rank products on Amazon.

How to rank products on Amazon

Now you have a basic idea of all factors Amazon takes into account while ranking your product. So without further ado, let’s assess the steps you can follow to improve Amazon SEO for your products!

• First of all, conduct keyword research. Ask yourself how customers find products like yours. What will they type in the Amazon search box? You type keywords on Amazon and make a list of all the listings and corresponding keywords. It will take some effort, but it will be worth it!

• Optimize your title as well. Make sure it includes your brand name, another specific based on color, quantity, size, or model number, and the most relevant Amazon keyword. However, keep it between 80-250 characters and use a title case.

• The next important thing is optimizing Amazon product descriptions. It should include relevant keywords and important information like features, dimensions, specifics, and brand names. Maintain 2k character length and highlight key product features and specifications.

• Focus on your image quality so customers can zoom in on the product. Keep the image background white and show your product from different angles. Don’t use a lot of text and use an infographic.

• Lastly, pay attention to customer reviews. Try to be as true to your customers as possible in images and product descriptions. Follow up with negative reviews and in case there is a genuine problem with your product, address it quickly!

Yes, Amazon listing optimization can be hectic, but we promise it’s worth it. It works like traditional SEO, you need to optimize and manage elements of your listing to appear in the right searches and drive more traffic. For nerds like us, we would love to take up your case and manage the SEO for Amazon for you. Wouldn’t it be sweet?

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