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More than 50% of online shoppers in India choose to buy on! Amazon dominates the eCommerce market in India. It has completely transformed the way consumers purchase products across all sectors. Today, Amazon holds over 30% of the e-commerce market in India and is the most-visited shopping site in the country.

Amazon Advertising Is Highly Valuable To Online Retail Brands!

Amazon, being the dominant eCommerce marketplace, is a treasure trove for online retail brands that sell products on the platform. If you are an online retailer who wants to maintain a prime position on the leading business’ chart, ‘Amazon Advertising’ is a must!

70% Indian Users Look For Products On Amazon When Shopping Online!

Thanks to a focus on accurate product details and authentic ratings, Amazon has earned the unwavering faith of customers. So much so, that 3 out of every 4 Indian internet users research on before making a purchase online or offline. Of all the traffic that is driven to this site, 34.82% comes from Paid Advertising.

Amazon sells more than 12 million products!

Home to millions of products, Amazon is the go-to platform for online shopping. At Bright Brain, we devise strategies that promote your products and create demand by advertising them until the last stage of the buying process. Through Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads and Product Display Ads, we help you get maximum visibility while optimising ACOS.

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Find and engage millions of Amazon customers with Bright Brain, a digital marketing agency in Mumbai and Pune that provides top-notch services to cater to your Digital Marketing needs. Our services can help you create and strengthen your online presence, leaving you with more time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

We believe in providing impeccable Amazon PPC services to revamp your product pages on the platform and apply new marketing strategies to drive more traffic, more sales, and more profit. If your brand needs an Amazon PPC Management Agency then you are in the right place; feel free to reach out to us at: +91 9920 978 384 / +91 9922 228 911

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Amazon Advertising is a search advertising solution for Amazon vendors. Similar to pay-per-click ads on Google Search Network and Google Display Network, sellers only pay when shoppers click on ads. But, unlike Google, Amazon takes the second highest bid amount into account, not the first.

If you are an online retailer who wants to maintain a prime position on the leading business’ chart, ‘Amazon Advertising’ is a must! Amazon PPC Management experts at Bright Brain understand that every product has its own unique features and deserves a tailor-made approach.

At Bright Brain, Amazon Advertising involves a 4-step process-

1. Campaign Auditing and New Campaign Builds:
If your brand is new to Amazon Marketing Services- We will work closely with you to craft, test, and optimise campaigns until we gain the optimal result.
If you already have Amazon PPC Campaigns up and running- We will analyse your existing PPC Campaigns to ensure that we keep only the necessary and rule out wasteful ad spend.

2. User Behaviors & Competition Research
We will conduct focused keyword research using reliable resources to figure out how today’s customers are searching for the products you sell. We will then shortlist the keywords that work best for your products, along with competitor analysis, reverse ASIN searches, and more. This valuable data will be used to expand your keywords and promote easy product access.

3. Strategic Approach for Bid Management
Once your campaigns are up and running, our Amazon PPC Management team will conduct ongoing campaign optimisation. It will make way for a lower average cost of sales (ACoS) and higher ROIs. Your bids and budgets will be carefully monitored and optimised to ensure you’re spending wisely.

4. Amazon Campaign Tracking and Reporting
With campaign tracking and reporting, our team will always keep you updated on exactly where your campaigns are at and how they’re performing. The weekly and monthly reports will break down the data to show you conversion metrics and performance tracked against your KPIs and goals so you will know if the campaign strategies are working in favour of your brand or not.

Here are three main types of ads you can run on Amazon-
1. Sponsored Product Ads:
Sponsored Product ads take searchers directly to a specific product you’re selling on Amazon. They are the most commonly used ads on Amazon and are keyword-targeted. They usually appear above or below the search results page and on other product detail pages. When shoppers click on your sponsored product ad, they land on the ads product detail page. The objective is to gain as many relevant leads as possible.

2. Product Display Ads:
Product display ads aren’t focused on keyword targeting but on interests. They usually appear at the top and bottom of pages, as well as customer review pages and in marketing emails from Amazon. The objective is to capture leads and get them more interested in your products. When people see a product display ad, they see an ad for a product that they would buy or have been considering buying.

3. Sponsored Brand Ads (Headline Search Ads):
Sponsored Brand ads are slightly different from the sponsored ads. They usually appear in search results as headline banners, above other individual sponsored ads and organic listings. These are also keyword targeted and can be used to promote/showcase 3 or more products together. If a searcher is looking for ’outdoor backpacks’, he/she will see different types of outdoor backpacks in one ad. They serve as a guide when searchers aren’t sure of the exact product they need.

How Much Do They Cost?
When it comes to Amazon Advertisements, keyword bids could vary from Rs. 2 to Rs. 10 based on your competition and the industry you belong to. If you’re competing for highly competitive keywords, you will have to pay more.

Once the Amazon advertising campaign is set up and goes live, you will be able to-
1. Track the number of product units that have been sold
2. Determine which (specific) products are being sold
3. Track sales directly via the Amazon dashboard
4. Measure ROI
5. Track the sources of orders
6. Track the demographics of people (age group, gender and such) purchasing your products
7. Identify customer search terms
8. Average consumer spend across Amazon
9. Average price point spend on competitors’ product
10. Net to brand (NTB) sales

You don’t need additional creative and content support for most of the advertisements you plan to run on Amazon. The advertisements will extract data from your product listing and information itself. It’s only Sponsored Display Ads where you’ll need creative and content support.

A digital agency has an effective process in place to help you meet the objective through Amazon Advertisements. They have dedicated experts for every step of the process. Amazon Campaign Management experts at Bright Brain understand that every product has its own unique features and deserves a tailor-made approach.

Here’s what you gain from a digital agency providing expert Amazon PPC management service:
-Custom-made Strategies
-Campaign Auditing and New Campaign Builds
-Consistent Campaign Optimizations
-Strategic Approach for Bid Management
-Strong Keyword Research
-Regular Amazon Campaign Tracking and Reporting
-New Amazon Updates/Insights

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