How to retain users on digital platforms

Bright Brain Tech

1. Maintaining the integrity & quality of our services:

Any company must live up to its promises while delivering its services. Any inconsistency between what was promised and what is being delivered can hamper the brand impression. A customer invests a lot of time and energy in making his/her decision about a particular service. Hence, there should be no gaps between the communicated benefits and the final product or experience.

2. Crafting personalized content for our audience:

The traditional ways of making purchases and the modern ways of web-based commerce surely have one thing in common, i.e., the perspective of the customers. They are highly influenced by the way the business interacts with them – traditionally through its personnel. However, as the world moves increasingly digital, content becomes a primary way to connect with consumers. Personalized content, tailored to our customers’ unique preferences can create a positive experience on our platform, by increasing their loyalty towards our brand.

3. Creating user-friendly websites & mobile applications:

The user interface of a brand platform plays a major role in user retention. If the user is encountering difficulty in going through the platform and is getting the same service on some other website much more smoothly, s/he would surely make a switch. Here, a smartly planned design can also lead to enhanced retention. For example, the addition of a chatbot function to the website helps the users in getting their issues resolved instantly. Ergo, a positive web experience is a major pillar in customer retention.

4.Uncompromising customer service:

The experience we offer to our customers is later going to take the shape of verbal evidence regarding our brand. Simple steps like offering an immediate response, providing delivery updates, living up to the said promises, solving customers’ grievances, taking feedback about the services, etc. can go a long way in building delight and loyalty.

5. Engage and re-engage regularly:

Social media algorithms favour those accounts which interact regularly with their followers. It is imperative to engage with our current and former customers. Even if a customer has bought something from our platform, it’s not necessary that he will contact us for his future purchases. To encourage this we need to re-engage with him/her and persuade him/her to explore our platform for other services too.

6. Boosting customer loyalty by dint of digital platforms:

They say a minor increment in the customer loyalty program can result in a major increase in profits per customer. Crafting an efficient customer loyalty program so that the customers can enjoy significant returns ensures retaining customers for a longer time.

7. Feedback should be respected, always:

92% of customers read reviews on different platforms before making their final purchase. This figure highlights the importance of customer feedback and dictates how important it is for us to ask our consumers for their valuable feedback. Positive feedback will help in creating a fine influence on others and negative feedback will help us evolve. In either case, the benefit is ours!

8. Share success:

Customers form our extended family and it’s always great to share our success with them. Making them a part of our success story will enhance our relationship with them. Sometimes, sharing the accomplishments of one customer with all the other customers also gives rise to some new bonds.

9. Keeping a tab on data and analytics:

Collecting consumer data helps us in understanding their overall behaviour. It gives us detailed insights about why a customer is exhibiting loyalty and why others aren’t. Tracking their usage lets us know what attracted them to make a purchase and what services didn’t impress them enough. These analytics help us in understanding the overall picture as to what conduct is helping us and what activities are inhibiting our growth.

10. Regular customer engagement through SMS & Emails:

Business success relies upon multiple purchases from a particular set of customers. That’s why we need to remind them of our services in different ways regularly. The two most preferred means for this purpose are SMS and Emails. People lay their hands on these two modes of communication quite often and that’s why they become the most popular routes for our marketing.

In the end, we would like to state that although it is quite mandatory for us to attract new customers, on the other hand, customer retention also exhibits a major role in the smooth functioning of our businesses.