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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

What is online reputation management? ORM refers to managing your brand’s reputation and what customers think of it. Originally a PR term, ORM has now grown into a core aspect of digital marketing since the advent and expansion of the internet and social media.
Your online reputation relies on how others see you when they look for your business online. Online Reputation Management is all to do with public image and perception, so you must be vigilant about people’s opinion of your brand. An ORM services company can help you manage round-the-clock ORM by deploying strategies to generate, improve and respond to online reviews.

5 Benefits of Online Reputation Management Services

Online reputation management benefits your company in more ways than you can imagine. We’ve listed out just 5 of the many advantages of seeking assistance from an online reputation management company:
  • Greater trust

People don’t trust advertisements and promotions. They believe in what other people have to say about you. This is why online reputation management services are important. Brands with a good reputation garner greater trust from a wider audience. Build reliability by responding to customers’ online queries and comments, both positive and negative.
  • Lower reputation risk

A company with a tarnished reputation only tends to attract more negative comments. Addressing negativity surrounding a brand may be a tough task but it will be worth it in the end.
  • Increase in profits

Companies with a great online reputation will attract more customers and better online reviews. Studies show if you have more relevant reviews and higher ratings, your business enjoys increased profits.
  • Timely resolution

One of the main reasons you need corporate reputation management services is the timely resolution of online conflicts. A good ORM services company can help you put out online fires before they spread. Catch negative reviews and complaints in time and resolve them before they turn into big issues. A brand that responds to negative comments earns respect in the eyes of its audience.
  • Counteract propaganda

A well-planned online reputation management (ORM) strategy makes the best first impression on new and potential customers, highlights the strengths of your business and downplays negative propaganda by competitors.
  • Choose Bright Brain for Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services in Pune and Mumbai

Bright Brain Marketing Technologies is an online reputation management company in Mumbai & Pune. We help your business create a favourable impression on your existing and potential customers, through quick and relevant responses. As a digital marketing agency, we understand the need for a positive online brand image.
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